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RBI Grade B 2023 Topper Prachi Dhurandhar – Introduction

Prachi Dhurandhar is from Raipur, Chhattisgarh. She had done all her studies from Chhattisgarh and even her first job was at her own place. She had done her graduation in 2020 with B. Tech in Electric & Electronics Engg from a govt college in Chhattisgarh. After that, she appeared for RBI Grade B & SEBI Grade A. She cleared the prelims of SEBI exam but could not clear the RBI prelims exam which is when she got a reality check that she needs rigorous practice and strategy for these exams. She then thought of trying banking exams as she wanted a job asap and come out of the preparation mode.

RBI Grade B 2023 Topper Prachi Dhurandhar – List of Exams

Exams that she gave then were SBI PO, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SIDBI Grade A, RBI Grade B & ECGC. She cleared SBI PO, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, and ECGC. She went to the interview round of SIDBI Grade A & RBI Grade B but could not clear the last round.

RBI Grade B 2023 Topper Prachi Dhurandhar – Work Experience

She joined SBI as a Probationary Officer (PO) in August 2022 and left it in March 2023. She then joined ECGC and is working there. As she has cleared the RBI Grade B 2023 Exam, she will now leave ECGC and work as a RBI Grade B Officer.

RBI Grade B 2023 Topper Prachi Dhurandhar – Q&A

Q. How much hard work did you put in? How many years you prepared for or what was your overall journey?

In 2021, when I didn’t clear both the regulatory exams, there was a gap. Then I thought that you can’t just go and clear the exam. That is when I filled out IBPS PO, SBI PO, etc. I joined library where I used to go at around 9-10 AM every morning and come back at around 9-10 PM at night. The hardwork of those 2-3 months worked well for me. I believe along with the hard work, luck favored me.

Q. What was your approach for RBI Grade B preparation or what was your overall study routine?

I started preparing very seriously. Always being an average student, I was feeling that I need to do something big in life. My brother is a meritorious student and he is an inspiration for me. He guided me towards how to prepare for the competitive exams. I was only studying so I made sure that I give 10 hours of sitting everyday, out of it, 8 hours tend to be productive. For exams which have QRE, it is not that hectic. I used to analyze mocks and maintain a diary in which I mentioned that this question went wrong in my mock. Practice & Devising a sure shot strategy was key for me.

Q. What were your sources of preparation?

For Phase 1, Quants & Reasoning, my own strategy for SBI PO helped. For GA, I rigorously focused as scoring more in GA is now-a-days getting very difficult. Because of the shortage of time, I used to study more from videos only. Govt Schemes, PIBs, etc I used to prepare from videos at 2x speed. Last 3 months GA, I used to make sure that I prepare extremely well. I used Oliveboard’s Mock Test extensively for my preparation for all the exams. Mocks are extremely helpful and also, I used to do marathon sessions rigorously. For descriptive, Oliveboard brings a list of topics and I used to prepare well on those topics.

Q. What difference did you find while you were preparing for RBI Grade B Exam as a full time aspirant and as a working professional?

This is definitely a issue as while I was a full time aspirant, I used to give 9-10 hours a day to my studies but when I started working, my studying hours reduced. There also, I used to make a strategy. I divided time as per the marks of the question. For Ex: If the question is of 10 marks, I will allot only 12-13 minutes. If I wasn’t able to complete it in specified time, then I used to panic and complete it faster. I used to go office, come back, study, talk to friends and family and that’s it.

Q. Was there any topic or area that was most challenging for you? If yes, how did you overcome that?

For me, the most challenging was ESI. The same strategy I followed that what to attempt/ study and what not. I used to analyze the Previous year papers. I used to prepare for schemes specifically from videos till I learn the data and facts. I used the free material available a lot. I shifted my stake from ESI to FM.

Q. As there is a vast syllabus for RBI, what should a ideal candidate do for revision?

For revision part, you need to go for the videos from where you studied again. Even if you are not able to complete all the videos, then you should go for the monthly compilations, marathon sessions, etc for the revision.

Q. How was your overall interview experience and how did you prepare?

Coming to preparation, everyone says that interview is not a knowledge game but I disagree a little. So, I focused more on knowledge part. I studied the working, functions of RBI, annual reports of RBI, current affairs, etc. I also gave few mock interviews. As I am working, I was fully prepared with the institutes I am working with. For Ex: SBI Annual Reports, ECGC Annual Reports, Functions, Products, etc.

Q. Were there any specific questions asked in interview?

When I entered the interview hall, the chairman sir said, 6 months in SBI, 6 months in ECGC, you are not doing justice to the organization. This was when I didn’t even sit. The panelist make it even more difficult for me by things like how can ECGC be better than SBI. So, I answered them that my main motive was always to enter in RBI.

Q. How did Oliveboard help you in your RBI Grade B Journey?

As I said, that mock tests play very important role in any exam’s journey. I used Oliveboard’s mock test extensively. I was giving 3 mock tests a day and analyzed it. My brother, my colleagues who are working in SBI, ECGC, etc, everyone suggested me to take up Oliveboard’s Mock Test.

Q. How to keep oneself motivated throughout the journey?

I believe one must be surrounded with positive relations be it friends, family or anyone. I am extremely grateful to everybody who supported me at the back. Success is a combined effort and is not a single person’s hardwork.

Q. What will be your advice to all the future aspirants?

Phase 1 is usually more difficult so do not take it lightly. Do not study just to show your family. Be honest with your study and your own journey. Just complete hard work of 6 months works wonder. Come out of this preparation phase successfully in a short span of time.

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