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Recruitment notice for the position of Probationary Officer and Clerk has been issued by the South Indian Bank.  The Notification was published on the  Bank’s official website on  September 1, 2021. The online application process for qualifying applicants began on September 1, 2021, with a September 8, 2021 deadline for submission. The Prelims exam is going to be conducted on 14th February 2022. With only a few days until the SIB PO & Clerk Online Test begins, here are some last-minute pointers. Some of these pointers may seem obvious, but they are crucial because the SIB PO & Clerk Prelims is a timed test, and little adjustments on your part can help you score a few extra marks. We provide South Indian Bank PO & Clerk – Last-minute tips in this blog.

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SIB PO & Clerk Last Minute Tips | All You Need To Know

The SIB PO & Clerk Last Minute Tips are divided into two sections Last Minute Tips Before The Exam & Last Minute Tips During The Exam.

South Indian Bank PO & Clerk – Last minute tips : Before the exam

1) Do not practice or study the night before or on the day of the exam. Maintain a healthy and active mind to help you stay concentrated for 60 minutes. People undervalue the importance of having a clear, relaxed mind. You must also refrain from reading any new material. Instead of reading a new topic, it’s best to review what you already know and have had enough practise with.

2) Ensure you get a good night’s sleep (at least 8 hours) before your exam. When you don’t get enough sleep, your thoughts will become much slower, which is especially damaging in an exam when speed is crucial.

3) Arrive at the centre well ahead of schedule to avoid anxious energy and stress. In a time-sensitive test, stress can impair your performance even more. If you are unfamiliar with the centre, go there a few days before the exam to familiarise yourself.

4) Carry the necessary documents with you to exam hall: Exam Admit Card, Original Photo ID Proof, a Pen, and a Photocopy of the ID proof should all be carried with you. Rough sheets will be provided to you in the exam hall.

5) Get used to the SIB Clerk & PO pattern & question types. By now you must have been familiar with the SIB Clerk & PO pattern. If you are taking the exam for the first time make sure you are well versed with important topics and questions.

6) Avoid any unnecessary discussions – Don’t spend way too much time in the lead-up to the exam on topics before such as cut-offs where no one has any control or any credible info.

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South Indian Bank PO & Clerk – Last minute tips : During the exam

1) Stick to the section order you decided on before you came in: Stick to your routine if you’ve been doing mock tests in a specific order. Don’t make any changes. Start with the easier ones to gain confidence. The confidence will give you the push you need to finish the 60 minutes strong.

2) Save the most difficult and time-consuming questions at the end of each section. Start with the easiest ones in each segment to gain confidence. With this confidence, you will be able to maintain the right momentum throughout the exam.

3) Don’t get stuck on any question: set a time limit for yourself, say 60-75 seconds for each question, and if any question takes longer than that, leave it and come back when you have more time. Remember that within a section, each question has the same weighting, so don’t waste time on just one question. Try to solve the easiest questions as far as possible.

4) Do not make wild guesses: There is negative marking in the exam. Hence, be cautious of marking an option without knowing the correct answer. We do not propose making blind guesses and instead recommend making smart guesses (or prediction after eliminating 2-3 incorrect possibilities).

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What is the exam pattern for the South Indian Bank PO 2022 exam?

SIB PO exam consists of an online exam followed by a group discussion and a personal interview. South Indian Bank PO 2022 contains Reasoning & Computer Aptitude, General/ Economy/ Banking Awareness, English Language, Data Analysis & Interpretation.

How many sections are there in the South Indian Bank Clerk Exam?

There are a total of 4 sections, namely General/Economy/Banking Awareness, Reasoning & Computer Aptitude, Data Analysis & Interpretation, and English Language.

What is the time limit of the South Indian Bank PO & Clerk Exam?

The time limit for SIB PO & Clerk Exam is 140 minutes.

What documents need to be carried to the exam hall during South Indian Bank PO & Clerk Exam?

Exam Admit Card, Original Photo ID Proof, a Pen, and a Photocopy of the ID proof should all be carried to the exam hall.

What are the total marks of the South Indian Bank PO & Clerk Exam?

Total marks of the South Indian Bank PO & Clerk Exam is 200 marks