SSC CGL Brahmastra – Online Classes For SSC CGL Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude is the toughest and most important section when it comes to SSC CGL Preparation. Quant has always been the subject which everyone fears a lot but as they say- To Reach Your Greatest Potential, You’ll Have to Fight your Greatest Fears! And to help you overcome this fear, Oliveboard has come up with the SSC CGL Brahmastra where you’ll be getting SSC CGL Quant Live Classes, Video lessons, Study Material, Mock Tests, etc. along with that of General Intelligence, Quantitative Aptitude, English Language and General Studies. Let’s first understand why taking up Oliveboard’s SSC CGL online classes is beneficial and how you can conquer Quant with the right strategy –

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Online Classes For SSC CGL Quant Section: Full Schedule

Find the Live Schedule for SSC CGL Quant Section below and download full schedule here

Day and Date Time Class Type Topic Name
10-Dec, Tue 11:30 AM LC Introduction
10-Dec, Tue 12:30 PM Video Percentage
13-Dec, Fri 11:30 AM LC Introduction & Surds and Indices
13-Dec, Fri 12:30 PM Video HCF and LCM & Surds and Indices
16-Dec, Mon 11:30 AM LC Percentage
17-Dec, Tue 12:30 PM Video Number System
19-Dec, Thu 11:30 AM LC Number System – 1
20-Dec, Fri 12:30 PM Video Ratio and Proportion | Partnership | Problems on Ages
23-Dec, Mon 11:30 AM LC Ratio & Proportion
24-Dec, Tue 4:00 PM LPS Percentages & Ratio and Proportions
26-Dec, Thu 11:30 AM LC Number System – 2
27-Dec, Fri 4:00 PM Doubt Class Doubt Class
30-Dec, Mon 11:30 AM LC Partnership
30-Dec, Mon 12:30 PM Video Algebra – I (Algebraic Identities and Quadratic Equations)
31-Dec, Tue 12:30 PM Video Algebra – 2
31-Dec, Tue 4:00 PM LPS Surds & Indices | Number Systems
2-Jan, Thu 11:30 AM LC Algebra – 1
3-Jan, Fri 12:30 PM Video Profit and Loss
3-Jan, Fri 4:00 PM Doubt Class Doubt Class
6-Jan, Mon 11:30 AM LC Profit & Loss Part – 1
8-Jan, Wed 4:00 PM Doubt Class Doubt Class
9-Jan, Thu 11:30 AM LC Algebra – 2
9-Jan, Thu 4:00 PM LPS Partnership & Profit and Loss
13-Jan, Mon 11:30 AM LC Profit & Loss Part – 2
13-Jan, Mon 4:00 PM Doubt Class Doubt Class
14-Jan, Tue 12:30 PM Video Trigonometry
16-Jan, Thu 11:30 AM LC Trigonometry – 1
16-Jan, Thu 4:00 PM LPS Algebra
17-Jan, Fri 12:30 PM Video Simple Interest & Installments
20-Jan, Mon 11:30 AM LC Simple Interest & Installments
20-Jan, Mon 4:00 PM Doubt Class Doubt Class
23-Jan, Thu 11:30 AM LC Trigonometry – 2
24-Jan, Fri 4:00 PM Doubt Class Doubt Class
27-Jan, Mon 11:30 AM LC Compound Interest & Installments
28-Jan, Tue 12:30 PM Video Mensuration – 2D (Area)
28-Jan, Tue 4:00 PM LPS Simple Interest & Compound Interest
29-Jan, Wed 4:00 PM Doubt Class Doubt Class
30-Jan, Thu 11:30 AM LC Mensuration – 2D (Area)
3-Feb, Mon 12:30 PM Video Mensuration – 3D (Volume)
3-Feb, Mon 4:00 PM Doubt Class Doubt Class
4-Feb, Tue 4:00 PM LPS Trigonometry & Mensuration 2D (Area)
5-Feb, Wed 12:30 PM Video Time & Work
6-Feb, Thu 11:30 AM LC Mensuration – 3D (Volume)
6-Feb, Thu 4:00 PM LPS Arithmetic LPS
7-Feb, Fri 11:30 AM LC Time & Work
7-Feb, Fri 4:00 PM Doubt Class Doubt Class
10-Feb, Mon 11:30 AM LC Pipes & Cisterns
10-Feb, Mon 12:30 PM Video Average & Alligation
11-Feb, Tue 12:30 PM Video Geometry – 1
12-Feb, Wed 11:30 AM LC Average & Alligation
12-Feb, Wed 12:30 PM Video Data interpretation
12-Feb, Wed 4:00 AM Doubt Class Doubt Class
13-Feb, Thu 11:30 AM LC Geometry – 1
13-Feb, Thu 12:30 PM Video Geometry – 2
13-Feb, Thu 4:00 PM LPS Time & Work | pipes & Cisterns | Alligation
14-Feb, Fri 11:30 AM LC Data interpretation
17-Feb, Mon 4:00 PM Doubt Class Doubt Class
20-Feb, Thu 11:30 AM LC Geometry – 2
20-Feb, Thu 4:00 PM LPS Mensuration 3D (Volume) & Geometry
24-Feb, Mon 4:00 PM Doubt Class Doubt Class
26-Feb, Wed 12:30 PM Video Coordinate Geometry
27-Feb, Thu 11:30 AM LC Coordinate Geometry
28-Feb, Fri 4:00 PM Doubt Class Doubt Class

SSC CGL Quant Live Classes – 
Salient Features


Quant is one section which is quite tough when compared to other sections, as it is calculative and time-consuming. But with Oliveboard’s SSC CGL Brahmastra Course, you can easily ace the Quant section. The Expert Faculty, at Oliveboard, would provide you the right preparation strategy to approach the exam for sure shot success!

The Quantitative Aptitude Online Classes of the SSC CGL Brahmastra Course would be taken by Vivek Sir and Chandan Sir who are Top Quant Faculties for SSC Exams in India. Watch the Video to know your Faculty:


  • Syllabus: The full Quant Syllabus would be covered in the SSC CGL Quant Online Classes of SSC CGL Brahmastra Course. All the topics would be taught and explained in-depth to help you remember it for a long time. Comprehensive course material updated with latest exam patterns would be provided which can be easily accessed anytime, anywhere.
  • Concept-based Videos: The SSC CGL Quant Live Classes is loaded with video lessons where you’ll find all the topics that might come in the exam. The Live Online classes would build your concept from scratch and once the concept is built, you’ll be provided with Live Practice Sessions, Practice Sets, and Mock Tests to gain mastery in it.
  • Live Practice Sessions: Fun & engaging practice sessions will help you collaborate and compete with friends in live sessions in a game-like environment.
  • Practice Sets for Topic Mastery: Get practice tests after every Concept clearing Video Lessons to master what you have studied. You can discuss it later with the Faculty during Live Sessions if you get any doubt.
  • Doubt Clearing Session: In a coaching center, where the class is filled with more than 100 students at a time, an average student finds it difficult to ask a query or doubt to the teacher. There is a pressure of being judged by fellow students. This pressure leaves the student with unresolved doubts. These uncleared doubts could come to haunt the student in the exam hall and can cost him or her precious marks. With Online Classes, this situation can be completely avoided. Students can ask doubts to the faculty through comments, Emails or in allotted doubt clearing sessions directly with the Faculty where doubts can be cleared over a video call.
  • SSC CGL 2020 Mock Tests for Tier I and Tier II with Expert Analysis: No preparation is complete without taking mock tests and analyzing them. Hence, the package also includes high-quality Quant mock tests for Tier I and Tier II of SSC CGL. With Oliveboard’s Analytics Feature, you will be able to analyze your performance in real-time after every mock test. In Mock Test Analysis, you are shown not only how much time you spent on each question, but also which of the topics are your strengthwhat are your weak areas, etc. Quant Mock Tests for SSC CGL Exam would help you evaluate your performance regularly in real-time, helping you improve in a more effective manner.

ssc cgl quant

Online Classes For SSC CGL Quant: Benefits of Attending SSC CGL Brahmastra Online Classes:

  • Easily Accessible: Online Learning has become the boon for students, especially those living in rural areas. All you need now is Mobile/PC, Internet Connection and the Determination to achieve your Goal.
  • Convenient Schedule: This is one of the most important advantages that Oliveboard’s online classes offer. Learners can plan their study time around the rest of the day even while working full-time. You can access the online material at any time and hour of the day and start reading. Just take your phone and plug-in the earphones and you are ready to go about it.
  • Multiple Ways to Communicate: Oliveboard’s online learning platform provides multiple ways through which students can communicate with them. Whether it is through call, chat support, emails, or Telegram Group, there’s always a way through which they can put up their queries and feedback.
  • Interacting and Competing with other learners: This is another remarkable feature that connects you with people having the same zeal and goal. Students can interact with their peers, learn along with them and simultaneously maintain healthy competition.
  • Review Course Material Repeatedly: You can anytime come back and check the course material, video lessons or your test performance again for better clarity and understanding.
  • Cost-Saving: Oliveboard’s Video lessons, Course eBooks, Topic-wise Tests, Adaptive TestsMock Tests& Remedial Material on weak areas are designed by experts to keep student’s preparation on track at an affordable price. It helps you not to get into the trap of fancy coaching institutes, where they charge hefty amount, that most of the students are not able to pay.
  • Take online exams, quizzes, puzzles, etc and get your score immediately: With most of the exams now being conducted online, it becomes imperative that you get yourself used to online test interface. On Oliveboard, you’ll find mock tests based on the latest pattern and of varying difficulty levels to help you practice all possible types of questions. The Analytics feature would help you analyse your performance in real-time, clearly specify your strong and weak areas through Expert’s Analysis, along with the live scores and Ranking.

So hurry up and Register now to not miss out on this excellent opportunity of attending Quant classes conducted by the best faculty available out there. We hope to you see you soon in the SSC CGL Quant Live Online Classes.

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Online Classes For SSC CGL

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