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SSC CGL tier-2 paper-3 – General studies is the easy part of scoring marks. SSC CGL General studies include no problems to solve. General studies are easier than any other paper. You can score higher markers by just being updated. This article will give tips and tricks to score high marks in SSC CGL General studies.

How to Prepare for SSC CGL General Studies:

SSC CGL Tier II paper – 3 New Syllabus:

The General studies is two parts part A and part B. Part A is finance and accounting and Part B is Economics and Governance. The Part A is for 80 marks and Part B is for 120 marks so the total mark for Tier II paper – 3 is 200 marks with 2 hours time allocated.

Part A – Finance and Accounting:

Financial Accounting: Nature and scope, Limitations of Financial Accounting, Basic concepts and Conventions, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

Basic concepts of accounting: Single and double entry, Books of original Entry, Bank Reconciliation, Journal, ledgers, Trial Balance, Rectification of Errors, Manufacturing, Trading, Profit & loss Appropriation Accounts, Balance Sheet Distinction between Capital and Revenue Expenditure, Depreciation Accounting, Valuation of Inventories, Non-profit organizations Accounts, Receipts and Payments and Income & Expenditure Accounts, Bills of Exchange, Self Balancing Ledgers.

Part B: Economics and Governance:

Comptroller & Auditor General of India – Constitutional provisions, Role and responsibility

Finance Commission – Role and functions

Basic Concept of Economics and introduction to Micro Economics – Definition, scope and nature of Economics, Methods of economic study and Central problems of an economy and Production possibilities curve

Theory of Demand and Supply – Meaning and determinants of demand, Law of demand and Elasticity of demand, Price, income and cross elasticity; Theory of consumer’s behaviour – Marshallian approach and Indifference curve approach, Meaning and determinants of supply, Law of supply and Elasticity of Supply.

Theory of Production and cost – Meaning and Factors of production; Laws of production- Law of variable proportions and Laws of returns to scale.

Forms of Market and price determination in different markets – Various forms of markets – Perfect Competition, Monopoly, Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly ad Price determination in these markets

Nature of the Indian Economy Role of different sectors – Role of Agriculture, Industry and Services-their problems and growth;

National Income of India – Concepts of national income, Different methods of measuring national income

Population – Its size, rate of growth and its implication on economic growth

Poverty and unemployment – Absolute and relative poverty, types, causes and incidence of unemployment

Infrastructure – Energy, Transportation, Communication

Economic Reforms in India – Economic reforms since 1991; Liberalization, Privatization, Globalization and Disinvestment

Monetary/ Fiscal policy – Role and functions of Reserve Bank of India; functions of commercial Banks/ RRB/ Payment Banks

Budget and Fiscal deficits and Balance of payments

Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act, 2003

Role of Information Technology in Governance.

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Tips to Prepare SSC CGL Tier 2 Paper 3:

Understand the Syllabus Well:

Evaluate the SSC CGL exam’s subject-by-subject syllabus for the general studies portion to determine your strong and weak courses. A list of the names of weak and strong subjects is another option. Your present knowledge in numerous areas will also be briefly revealed by this syllabus analysis, which is very useful in creating a study schedule.

Work on Previous Year Question papers:

You must review the prior year’s papers SSC CGL tier-2 paper-3 exam from the preceding five years at least after analyzing the syllabus. To determine the question breakdowns, you should examine the general studies part of these papers. Now is the time to make a list of the topics and the approximate number of questions. With the help of this list, you will now be able to identify the subjects for which the most and least inquiries are typically asked. You can accordingly determine your priority for learning these subjects.

Additionally, while preparing, you should occasionally practice the question papers from the previous year. Putting these papers into practice will be highly beneficial for increasing your confidence and solidifying your exam preparation. Additionally, it has been noted that the SSC occasionally asked questions of a similar nature. Therefore, do not miss practicing the test questions from the prior year.

Make a Good Study Plan:

For the general studies portion, you should create a study schedule that covers nearly every subject and its associated themes. The study timetable must be created so that it won’t interfere with the other topics’ preparation schedules. To accomplish this, you should set out a time slot or a specific day of the week to discuss the pertinent subjects.

Find Best Books to Prepare: 

Because the scope of general studies, which covers significant events and information, is broad and you cannot prepare for everything, you should always consult the pertinent books created especially for the SSC CGL exam. Therefore, it is essential that you only buy books that cover the SSC syllabus in its entirety. There are numerous books available for the SSC CGL general studies section preparation. The following are a few of them:

  • Manorama Yearbook
  • Lucent’s General Knowledge
  • GK Blast by Oliveboard

Read Newspaper Daily:

Newspaper holds more weightage in General Studies preparation. Develop a habit of reading newspapers daily. Spending at least 15 minutes is more than enough for one day. Reading Newspapers helps general studies in the knowledge of recent events around the world. A newspaper like The Hindu is most preferred by many aspirants to prepare for various competitive exams.

Daily Revision and Reading are Must:

General Studies require a good memory. To make sure you have a good memory you need to read new topics daily alongside you must revise the old topics daily.

Take Frequent Mock Tests:

A mock test is the best way to enhance your speed and accuracy. Mock test helps find your weaker spots, which you can later work out. They assist you in getting a feel for real exams.

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Bottom Line:

SSC CGL General Studies (finance and economy) require proper effort from aspirants. The paper include finance and accounting. The above-mentioned tips will help you get high marks in this particular paper.


Frequently asked questions:

Where can I get SSC CGL syllabus details?

All details about SSC CGL exam syllabus, exam pattern or anything you want know, you can get it from SSC official website.

How should I get ready for SSC general studies?

Prepare subjects with a lot of weightage.
Start by reading the key concepts in that subject.
Prepare previous year’s exam questions from the crucial subjects with high weightage.

Which is the best source for the SSC CGL exam?

The books by authors SP Bakshi (Arihant), RS Aggarwal & Vikas Aggarwal, and Neetu Singh are suggested for the SSC CGL exam.

How much is the application fee for SSC CGL?

The application fee for SSC CGL Exam is Rs. 100, at the same time women of all categories and SC/ST/Ex-Servicemen candidates are exempted from the application fee.


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