SSC MTS Memory Based Questions 5th October 2021(All Shifts)

On 5th October 2021, SSC started the Computer Based Exam (CBE) for Paper-1 in MTS 2021. It will run until 20th October 2021. The following article presents the important General Awareness & Current Affairs Questions based on the feedback from the candidates who have appeared for SSC MTS 2021 Exam. Students can use these memory-based questions to help them prepare for upcoming bank exams. These questions will help you prioritize a well-defined strategy.

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Benefits of practicing from SSC MTS Memory based questions.

  • Gives you a clear picture of the actual exam.
  • It helps you to prepare better for your exam.
  • It keeps you updated with the latest pattern of the exam.
  • Practicing these questions will help you to score good marks.

SSC MTS memory-based questions-GS/GK: 5th October 2021- All shifts

  1. When was the Indian National Flag officially recognized?
  2. Uttar Pradesh shares its border with how many states?
  3. India’s Rank in Human Development Index 2020.
  4. Full-Form of GUI:
  5. Author of Akbar Nama:
  6. One school one IAS’ Scheme started in:
  7. Para Olympic First medal was won by:
  8. Matki Dance is associated with which state?
  9. World’s largest floating solar plant is going to be constructed on which river?
  10. Neeraj Chopra is the brand ambassador of:
  11. Weight of Javelin.
  12. Where is the Sugarcane Manufacturing Centre?
  13. Which King conquered Udaipur?
  14. Javelin Day is celebrated on:
  15. Hydroelectric project on Krishna River:
  16. Battle of Plassey was fought in which year?
  17. Who is the current Sports Minister?
  18. Nawab of Bengal during Battle of Plassey:
  19. The number of moles in molar mass:
  20. Vitamin C is present in the highest amount?
  21.  The chemical name of Vitamin C:
  22. Bromine is which type of chemical element?
  23.  The function of RBI related questions.
  24. India’s Rank in Happiness Index:
  25.  Difference between DNA and RNA:
  26. Who is the father of bacteriology?
  27. Zn H2SO4 is the chemical formula for.
  28. Article 32 is related to.
  29. Smallest bone in human body.
  30. Who is the chief economist of the IMF?
  31. Cheraw dance is related to which state?
  32. Garo, Khasi and Jaintia hills are located in which state?
  33. Third highest peak in the world.
  34. Which device is used to convert AC to DC.
  35. world test championship 2021 won by.
  36. Capital of Assam.
  37. Which are arthropod animals?
  38. Which disease is caused due to deficiency of Vitamin D?
  39. Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony flag bearer for India?
  40. Power house of cell.
  41. Vijay Hazare trophy related to which state?
  42. Sonu sood launched an app for employment.
  43. Partition of Bengal took place in which year.

This is all from our side in this blog of memory-based questions. Keep checking the blog for other memory-based questions. ALL THE BEST


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