Success Story of Aakriti Yadav – Cleared SBI PO

Read the success story of Aakriti Yadav who cleared the SBI PO examination in her first attempt. She says that practice is the only way one can succeed in the examination. Here is her story:


Success Story of Aakriti Yadav


My name is Aakriti Yadav. I belong to Delhi. I have done my graduation in BSc Mathematics ( Hons.) from the University of Delhi.

Brief Description

I started preparing for bank exams in February 2021 after my graduation in November 2020. I prepared by myself and took help from Oliveboard videos and test series. It was my first attempt at SBI PO. My strengths are reasoning and English.

I always scored very well in them in all the mocks. I loved to solve puzzles and this made my reasoning section strong. I am an avid reader, I read a lot and my reading habit has made my English section very strong. My success in the English section is wholly based on my reading.

Preparation Strategy

i. Reasoning – Solve puzzles and seating arrangement questions from the start and increase your level day by day. Prelims exam covers most of the topics of reasoning so cover all topics, solve as many questions as you can but don’t go deep.

For mains, puzzle and seating arrangement is very important, mains is all about puzzles, you have to build that mental ability to solve mains reasoning. Questions will be extremely different and difficult but you will be able to do just practice.

ii. Quant – Same tip as in case of reasoning. Increase your calculation speed. Learn a few tricks, and memorize tables, squares, cubes, square roots and cube roots. Get to the basics of every topic, only basics will help you in mains. Make your basics strong in quant, don’t leave any topic. Prepare for all topics and practice.

iii. English – No need to learn grammar rules, seriously no need, just devote 1-2 hrs every day to reading and you will see the magic happen. And practice prelims level and mains level questions a lot. But don’t forget to read, read every day.

iv. General Awareness – Keep updated with the daily news. Don’t stick to one source, follow 3-4 sources. Don’t miss even the minutest details, keep the focus on the last 3 months’ current affairs. Read about all the terms related to banking. Don’t keep GA for the last. GA is to be prepared every day, not just 14-15 days before the exam

Role of Oliveboard

The Oliveboard test series helped me a lot. My preparation was strengthened by attempting Oliveboard tests. Oliveboard test series give you a real experience of bank exams. The questions are a bit tougher than the actual exam level and this keeps your preparation a level up and it helps a lot in exams.

The test series increases your mental level and exposes you to so many varieties of questions for mains reasoning and quant that on the exam day you are ready for whatever questions are asked by SBI.

Tips or Advice for the Fellow Aspirants

Just practice and practice. Practice is definitely the key. Practice will make you habitual to questions, it will increase your mental level and you will be able to solve any question that comes across your path. Prelims is all about time management, accuracy and speed. Solve as many mocks as you can for prelims. With every mock, you will get more perfect. For mains, choosing the correct set of questions is very important otherwise you will get stuck in the exam.

Choosing the right questions comes with practice so practice a lot of mains level questions to increase your mental ability and train yourself in choosing the right questions for maximum marks. For an interview, be relaxed, and answer confidently. Be aware of the recent happenings in the nation and world, prepare about yourself, read about preliminary banking and be confident.

That was all about the success story of Aakriti Yadav. Read more such inspiring stories on Oliveboard App!


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