Success Story of Kiran – Cleared FEDERAL BANK CLERK

Read the success story of Kiran, a B.Sc Graduate, who initially faced a lot of difficulties in solving even the easiest of Maths questions, but later with his hard work & dedication went on to clear Federal Bank Clerk.

Here is his inspiring story:

Hello fellow aspirants! My name is Kiran and I am from Chennai, Tamilnadu. I am a graduate in B.Sc Visual Communication. I have recently been selected as a clerk in Federal Bank and wanted to share my strategy of clearing this clerical exam. 

There is a saying “You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf”. This suits well to all the bank exam aspirants. Times are gone where we used to expect easy level questions and clear the exams easily. We should just stop blaming the exam pattern for our inefficiency. We should get used to any kind of questions and patterns & vice versa. 

As a non math background person at the very first time I was unable to solve anything. I had no interest in studying anything as I couldn’t understand anything. Though I had one of the best people to teach me yet I did not find myself going on the right path. Then slowly by gathering knowledge about the latest pattern I started everything from scratch – Exams, patterns, MCQs literally researched everything and in that way I gained my interest to start my preparation for the same. 

It took me almost 6 months to get acquainted with the recruitment process of bank exams. In a chain of my research I came to know about Oliveboard. Trust me this was one of the best sites which I  selected to stick to instead of practicing from 6 to 7 sites at one time. I would advise everyone to select one of the best sites like I did and stick to it. Referring ‘n; number of sites at one particular time will lead you nowhere and create immense confusion during your preparation days.

I started with simple quizzes daily till I got familiarized with the basics. There used to be times where I literally spent 12 hrs in front of the system taking quizzes without any break. I made sure that I would leave no stone unturned and would complete every quiz on a daily basis.

This took me another 1 year to reach the expert level and gain enough confidence.

 As a result of which I reached the level where I could solve any type of sums by shortcut method. 

Subject Wise Preparation Strategy: 

English: Like others I won’t tell you to read newspapers. That won’t work 100% to all but instead of that I would suggest you what I did. Start watching everything in English- shows, lectures, movies, cricket commentary with or without subtitles….. it’s up to you. Why I am telling you this is because when you learn something through videos it will easily be remembered.

If you start this attempt you can very easily able to find out answers for error spotting, cloze test, fill ups. If you know what not to choose as answer you can identify what should be the answer. It’s all a matter of applying common sense. That’s how I picked up marks english section. If you still want me to recommend a book I will suggest “Wren & Martin” and “SP Bakshi Book”.

Reasoning: Practice with books for basics then attempt all Oliveboard quizzes till you get acquainted with all topics. Then go only for hard level questions because as per my point of view you should always prepare straight away for Mains level reasoning questions.

Quants: The most interesting section among all. No matter how hard we try to master this section, we all lack somewhere or the other. Learn to skip questions once you are unable to solve . Try and develop that mindset first. Try to start from scratch if you are a beginner.. Sources that you can trust and refer for your preparations are Oliveboard daily quizzes, pdf and footnotes from Oliveboard.

Most important thing is reviewing your quiz answers if you are unable to solve them correctly. Don’t just give up, take even 1 whole day but don’t leave the question unattended. Follow this and you will surely see a change in the rest of the mock tests. Those who study using books I recommend you “Arihant Question Bank” which has all types of questions for practice.

Gk Section: This is the decider when it comes to mains. After taking daily quizzes, download Oliveboard’s BOLT which will be released every month. Use it to revise during the last few days. It will help you know what are the topics you have left uncovered. If you are thorough with those kinds of capsules it will be easy for you to spot answers without seeing the options in exam.

Tips to Aspirants:

At last,  one thing I would want to advise to everyone is to never let your laziness ruin your life. Get out of your comfort zone and then only you can taste the success. I wish all the best to everyone. CHEERS!!!

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