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Success story of Shinde Mangesh Dhanaji  Today we present the story of Shinde Mangesh Dhanaji, whose journey was challenging yet inspirational. Let’s read about his preparation journey and how he reached his goal!

Success story of Shinde Mangesh Dhanaji

I came from a very humble rural background, bright academics motivated me throughout, worked as a management trainee, a job profile similar to medical representative, and now became AAO. 

Details on your preparation journey 

ssc cgl is definitely a hard nut to crack but doable. self-belief is extremely important as we may encounter multiple failures. The most important thing is to concentrate on the process (study routine) though it may be monotonous develop a strategy of mental recall, it will improve accuracy as well as speed.

Subject Wise preparation strategy 

Since 2018, ssc has started asking more calculative questions than conceptual questions. so practicing mock, quizzes, concepts like unit digit, multiple, etc will substantially improve the speed.


Verbal reasoning, especially questions of number series are speed breakers, apply yourself consistently behind learning rules, apply them in mocks you will surely be able to apply them in exam too alphabetical and number coding also carries the big weightage, they are extremely time consuming if you are stuck in any question.  


superb preparation……….my scores in SSC CGL Mains 2018,2019,2020,2021 are 170.1, 182.5,176.25,175 respectively. vocab through graphics, grammar through regular practicing quizzes , and reading comprehension through question paper sets in mock form (PYQS, closet and unseen passage separately). apply mental recall concept

General Knowledge 

  • The names of particular people should be memorized by heart.
  • Focus more on current affairs of at least 6 months, trends of question pattern has to be followed, quizzes of oliveboard, adda247 will help you fetch extra numbers.
  • Apply the mental recall concept here too.

How oliveboard helped you

Per question the number of candidates who have correctly attempted the question helps in analyzing what type of question it was viz. easy, moderate or hard exam relevant mocks, in depth solution.  

Feedback for Faculty 

I watched video lectures of reasoning, appeared of good quality.

Tips for other aspirants 

  • Please have self belief, focus on process, mental recall.
  • Do not get on the backfoot because of failures.
  • If others are studying for 10 hours , we must study for extra 2 hrs.
  • Do not get bogged down because of competition , concentrate on your efforts never get depressed.

This is all from our side in this blog. Stay tuned to Oliveboard


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