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JAIIB and CAIIB Revised Syllabus

JAIIB and CAIIB Revised Syllabus: Twice a year, the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance conducts the JAIIB and CAIIB exams. These exams including the DBF exam, are IIBF’s flagship courses. The full form of JAIIB is Junior Assistant of the Indian Institute of Banking. Similarly, the full form of CAIIB is Certified Assistant of the Indian Institute of Banking. Only banking professionals whose banks are members of the IIBF, and who themselves are members of the IIBF, can write these exams. Aspirants can only write CAIIB if they have cleared JAIIB.
IIBF has introduced changes in the exam pattern and syllabus of JAIIB and CAIIB. This blog will explain the changes in the JAIIB and CAIIB revised syllabus for 2023.

JAIIB and CAIIB Revised Syllabus: JAIIB 2023

First, we’ll be comparing the old syllabus that was followed till 2022 with the revised JAIIB syllabus that comes into effect from 2023 onwards.

JAIIB Revised Syllabus

With the new papers introduced candidates have a different set of topics to prepare for in the June 2023 cycle of JAIIB. Let’s take a look at the old syllabus and then compare it with the revised syllabus.

JAIIB Old Syllabus

ModulePaper I-
Principles & Practices of
Paper II-
Accounting & Financial Management for
Paper III-
Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking
AIndian Financial SystemBusiness Mathematics and FinanceRegulations and Compliance
BFunctions of BanksPrinciples of Bookkeeping and AccountingLegal Aspects of Banking Operations
CBanking TechnologyFinal AccountsBanking Related Laws
DSupport Services, Marketing of BankingBanking OperationsCommercials Laws with Reference to Banking Operations
EEthics in Banks and Financial Institutions

Till 2022, Paper III- Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking, was a paper. It has now been replaced. Let’s see what is included in the JAIIB New Syllabus for 2023,

JAIIB Revised Syllabus

2023 onwards, the following would be the JAIIB syllabus.

ModulePaper I-
Indian Economy &
Indian Financial
Paper II-
Principles & Practices of
Paper III-
Accounting & Financial Management for
Paper IV-
Retail Banking & Wealth Management
AIndian Economic
Banking Operations
Accounting Principles
and Processes
Introduction to Retail
BEconomic Concepts Related to bankingLending Operations of
Financial Statements
and Core Banking Systems
Retails Products and
CIndian Financial
Banking TechnologyFinancial ManagementSupport Services – Marketing of Banking Services / Products
DFinancial Products
and Services
Ethics in Banks and Financial InstitutionsTaxation and Fundamentals of
Wealth Management

CAIIB Revised Syllabus 2023

First, we’ll see the old syllabus that was followed till 2022 for CAIIB. Then we will look at the revised CAIIB syllabus.

CAIIB Old Syllabus

The old syllabus for CAIIB consisted of 2 compulsory papers and 11 electives. Candidates had to appear for a total of 3 papers.

Compulsory Papers

PaperModule AModule BModule CModule D
1 – Advanced Bank ManagementEconomic AnalysisBusiness ManagementHuman Resource ManagementCredit Management
2 – Bank Financial ManagementInternational BankingRisk ManagementTreasury ManagementBalance Sheet Management


Optional SubjectsModule AModule BModule CModule DModule E
Central BankingRationale & Functions Of Central BankCentral Banking In IndiaMonetary Policy & Credit PolicySupervision & Financial Stability
International BankingInternational Banking And FinanceForeign Exchange BusinessInternational TradeDerivatives
Rural BankingRural IndiaFinancial Rural DevelopmentPriority Sector Financing & Government InitiativesProblems And Prospects In Rural Banking
Financial AdvisingIntroduction Of Financial AdvisingFinancial PlanningFinancial Investment Products Taxation
Corporate BankingCorporate Banking & FinanceInvestment BankingProject & Infrastructure Finance
Retail BankingIntroductionRetail ProductsMarketing/ Selling Of Products, Mis/AccountingOther Issues Related To Retail Banking
Co-Operative BankingPrinciples & Laws Of Co-Operative Banking And Rule Related To Co-Op BanksCo-Operative Banking OperationsTechnology And Risk Management
Human Resources Management Human Resources ManagementBuilding An Hr StrategyMotivation, Training And Skill DevelopmentPersonnel Management And Industrial Relations
Information TechnologyIntroduction To Information TechnologySystems & DesignsApplications In BankingSecurity, Controls And Guidelines
Treasury ManagementOverview Of Treasury ManagementTreasury OperationsTreasury And International BankingRisk Management
Risk ManagementIntroduction Of Risk ManagementCredit Risk ManagementOperational RisksMarket RiskRisk Organization And Policy

New Syllabus

Let’s see the papers and modules for CAIIB 2023.

Compulsory Papers

ModulePaper 1 – Advanced Bank ManagementPaper 2 – Bank Financial ManagementPaper 3 – Advanced Business and Financial ManagementPaper 4 – Banking Regulations and Financial Laws
AStatisticsInternational BankingThe Management ProcessRegulations and Compliance
BHuman Resource ManagementRisk ManagementAdvanced Concepts of Financial ManagementImportant Acts/Laws & Legal Aspects of Banking Operations – Part A
CCredit ManagementTreasury ManagementValuations, Mergers, and AcquisitionsImportant Acts/Laws & Legal Aspects of Banking Operations – Part B
DCompliance in Banks and Corporate GovernanceBalance Sheet ManagementEmerging Business SolutionsCommercial and Other Laws with respect to Banking


ModulePaper 1 – Risk ManagementPaper 2 – Information Technology and Digital BankingPaper 3 – Central BankingPaper 4 – Human Resource ManagementPaper 5 – Rural Banking
AAn OverviewIntroduction to Information TechnologyRationale Functions of Central BankHuman Resource ManagementRural India
BCredit Risk ManagementSystems and DesignCentral Banking in IndiaBuilding an HR StrategyFinancing Rural Development
COperational Risk ManagementApplications in BankingMonetary Policy and Credit PolicyMotivation, Training and Skill DevelopmentPriority Sector Financing and Government Initiatives
DMarket RiskInformation System, Security, Controls, and AuditSupervision and Financial StabilityPersonnel Management and Industrial RelationsProblems and Prospects in Rural Banking
EAppendixNon-Banking Financial Companies and Primary DealersEmerging Scenario in HRM

JAIIB and CAIIB Revised Syllabus: Conclusion

The JAIIB and CAIIB updated syllabus for 2023 shows that the difficulty has increased. However, with a proper plan and preparation even these changes can be adapted to. We will be providing all necessary details and prep guides for both JAIIB 2023 and CAIIB 2023. So stay tuned!

Frequently Asked Questions: JAIIB Updated Syllabus

When will the JAIIB new exam pattern effective date be?

The new JAIIB exam pattern and syllabus will be effective from the June cycle in 2023.

How many attempts are possible under the revised JAIIB syllabus?

With the new JAIIB syllabus and exam pattern in effect from 2023, candidates can avail of 5 attempts over the course of 3 years to clear the exam.

Where can I get the JAIIB new syllabus PDF?

The PDF of the new JAIIB syllabus is available for download on the official IIBF website. You can also directly download it here.

How do I prepare for JAIIB 2023?

For the new topics, we have provided a guide to the preparation for JAIIB 2023 here.

What is the time limit for clearing JAIIB from 2023?

Candidates will have a duration of 3 years and a total of 5 consecutive attempts to clear the exam.

When will the CAIIB new syllabus effective date be?

The new CAIIB exam syllabus and exam pattern will be effective from the June cycle in 2023.

How many attempts are possible under the revised CAIIB syllabus?

With the new CAIIB syllabus and exam pattern in effect from 2023, candidates can avail of 5 attempts over the course of 3 years to clear the exam.

Where will I find updates on CAIIB?

CAIIB updates are usually announced on iibf.org. You can also keep track of any changes through Oliveboard.

What course can I join to prepare for CAIIB 2023?

Oliveboard will be providing courses that are up-to-date with the latest exam pattern and syllabus of CAIIB 2023. To know more, click here.

Is there a negative marking in CAIIB?

CAIIB will have negative markings from the 2023 cycle onwards.

Who is eligible for CAIIB?

Candidates are eligible for CAIIB if they’re banking professionals currently working in the banking and financial sector AND have qualified JAIIB.


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