Success Story of Sushmit Biswas – Cleared SBI CLERK 2018, IBPS CLERK 2018

Read the Success Story of Sushmit Biswa, who cleared IBPS & SBI Clerk after 80 failures. His determination and zeal to achieve his goal was so strong that nothing could stop him.

Here is his inspiring story:

Hi my name is Sushmit Biswas and I am from Guwahati, Assam. I passed my way back in 2013 and then I started preparing for the competitive exams, not really banking but I was inclined basically to UPSC. But after successive failures in 2015 and 2016 I decided to choose banking as a career.

It was not an easy ride and I wrote more than 80 exams of banking and failed many times by a margin but never gave up as I was determined. To all my friends who are failing, remember that everything happens in time and you have to wait for the right time, but never ever think of giving up.

Preparation Strategy

1) Reasoning: Reasoning nowadays is one of the most difficult sections in the banking exams. One needs to be highly analytical and practice good amount of puzzles in order to handle the difficulty level of questions which comes in the mains. As far as I am concerned, Oliveboard provides the best quality of questions for practice in the market.

The level of questions in the mocks helped me to cope with the level of questions that came in the exam. I request all of you to practice the Oliveboard mock tests and analyse them which is the most important part.

In prelims, exam puzzles are very critical as in 20 mins time you have to solve at least 2 to 3 puzzles to qualify for the mains.So I recommend you all to give the mocks within the stipulated time like actual exam and evaluate the percentiles of your mocks as different mocks have different levels of questions. So marks may be less also but if you are scoring good percentile than you are on the right track. Also do remember to solve analytical reasoning which comes handy in mains because puzzles are a tough nut to crack in the mains.

2) Quants: I was very much average in Maths. I usually tend to solve Quadratic equations, simplification and data interpretation and skip the word problems. But it was the case till 2017 and with changing variety and nature of exams, word problems nowadays plays a major role for selection. For maths it is better to improve the concepts and practice questions from various websites online and give the Oliveboard mocks test and analyse them as Oliveboard provides different variety of mocks which enables to encounter good no of questions in the prelims and mains.

Nowadays caselets are also coming and even data sufficiency in the prelims level so one has to be good in all aspects to get through in these tough competitive exams.

3) English: For english section the only mantra is to clear the exam to improve your reading skills by reading articles, editorials from The Hindu. My source of study was reading newspapers and finding new words from the editorials and note it down in the copy everyday. One can refer Word Power Made Easy and Barrons Gre to improve their vocabulary. For those who are little weak in english they can follow Grammar Book of Plinth to Paramount by Neet Singh. And above that if you practice from the oliveboard mock tests then I think this is more than enough to tackle english section.

One most important thing is to practice Reading comprehension everyday as this will improve your reading skills and help you understand the topic which you are reading.

4) General Knowledge and Current Affairs: This is the most important sections in banking exams, and if one scores very good in this section then the probability of getting selected becomes higher. I relied on Oliveboard BOLT for preparing this section. I strongly believe that if you read current affairs every day then you have an added advantage. Also solve the Oliveboard mains gk mock tests to keep your preparation on the right track.

Role of Oliveboard:

I think Oliveboard mock tests are the best ones in the market, and they are somewhere similar to the actual exams because the level of toughness Oliveboard mocks have is par excellence and  if one analyse those mocks, he/she will surely crack the exam.

Finally I want to thank Oliveboard for being a part of my success story and I wish many more success stories to come. I end these with a phrase said by Swami Vivekananda: “Have faith that you are all my brave lads born to do great things not let the barks of dogs frighten you not let the thunderstorm of heaven but stand up and work.”

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