Success Story of Piyush Parashar – Cleared SBI PO 2018

“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.” So keep challenging your limits like Piyush did to achieve his destination & dreams. Here is the inspiring Success Story of Piyush Parashar in his own words.

Success Story of Piyush Parashar

I am a graduate of IIT Roorkee 2015 batch. After graduation I prepared for UPSC for 3 years without any success which led to me questioning my abilities. After the UPSC prelims result in 2018, I decided to have a backup. I was also preparing for RBI Grade B so I had a good command over the 3 sections of English, Maths and Reasoning. ‘Practice’ is the one thing which is the most important in clearing banking exams.

Preparation Strategy:

I have tried to summarize my preparation strategy as below:-

Quants & Reasoning:

Practice is the main strategy for these two sections. You can solve ‘n’ number of books but unless you solve questions with a time limit, it won’t be much helpful. This is where mock test series like Oliveboard comes into picture. I did not solve any book for any of the sections and just relied on practice as I was giving mock tests for RBI Grade B Prelims which has almost similar pattern like SBI PO mains.

One more thing here is that you should know your strong and weak topics. In any case you won’t be able to solve all the questions so just stick to your strong sections and leave the rest of the sections. And if you still have time to attempt more, then you can attempt them.


This is one section in which you can score the most and can also prove to be difficult for some students. It also requires the least amount of time. The main thing is the knowledge of Grammar basics and the ability to read big paragraphs. I used to read editorials from The Hindu/ Indian Express during my UPSC preparation, so that helped me a lot in reading Comprehension. Grammar can be read with the help of any basic book though i did not feel the need for it.


I focussed on reading newspapers daily to prepare myself for this section. If you have a habit of reading newspapers daily or watching news channels, then you can easily prepare yourself for this section.


Interview is very random. In my panel, most of the students were asked about their hobbies and extracurricular activities while my interview revolved around my college and graduation subjects. The interview panel was very good and they even suggested me to continue preparing for UPSC.

Role of Oliveboard:

Banking exams require you to solve many questions in a limited time frame. And mock tests provide you exactly the same. I joined Oliveboard’s yearly test series for RBI grade B which had tests for SBI PO as well. I gave most of the tests of RBI grade B which helped me in building the speed for the main exam. The level of questions in the test series were more on the difficult side which was good, as I was expecting the actual paper to be difficult but it was not. So I attempted much more than I used to attempt in the Mock Test series.

Practice is the only thing which is needed to clear this exam. All the best to all the aspirants.”

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