Last minute tips for CLAT 2022

The final dates for the Common Law Admission Test 2022 (CLAT) has come around the corner which is scheduled to be conducted on September 28, 2022. The exam (also called the ‘CLAT’) is an aptitude-based exam where the intent is to test the student’s interest towards law and not their knowledge of law. In the following article you will find last-minute Tips for CLAT 2022 to help you sail the examination with confidence.


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A degree in law has got huge popularity since many decades, and the reason which makes it a favourable choice for students is primarily that the course is neutral to all the streams whether commerce or engineering.

Further, it has huge scope in terms of career and respect in the society. Keeping this intent in mind, the CLAT consortium has come up with a new pattern wherein they also plan to extensively test the student’s reading and comprehending skills as they feel that these skills are imperative for the budding law aspirants.

Hence, the approach that was best suited for old pattern of CLAT, may not be the same for CLAT 2022. So, a few final last-minute tips for CLAT 2022 is going to be handy for students appearing for the exam as one thing that stays uniform throughout the five sections is your Reading and Comprehension skills.


Last Minute Tips for CLAT 2022: Section wise strategy

It is recommended that as part of your Last-minute Tips for CLAT 2022, you should develop/polish their reading habit (Never too late to develop reading habits).

Read editorials and newspapers daily and focus more on burning Socio Legal issues among other things from reputed media houses. If that is something you have not been doing already, it is recommended to create a depository of the important editorial articles from the last six months-one year and go through them thoroughly. It will definitely help you at this stage. You should not go for Editorial compilations but read actual editorials from newspapers/e-paper as the vocabulary and word-flow will help you understand a comprehension and tackle them in examination.

There will be a lot of passages this year (up to 450 words each). So, you must develop a habit of sitting, reading and solving problems for more than 2 hours at a stretch. Go through the sample papers and analyze the type of questions that are asked in these exams. Also don’t forget to go through the previous year papers.

Though there is a new pattern this year, the previous year’s question papers will help you to understand the basic concepts and the approach to such an exam. This has also been reiterated by the CLAT consortium in their notifications/tweets.

1. Current Affairs

As per the CLAT website, the passages will be derived from news, journalistic sources and other non-fiction writing. The questions may include an examination of legal information or knowledge discussed in or related to the passage but would not require any additional knowledge of the law beyond the passage.

To understand the topics and kind of questions important for the exams, you should go through the previous year papers. Identify the topics on which questions are asked. Read/Skim through editorials/opinions on important burning socio-legal news that took place between May 2019 to present.

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2. English Language

Practice reading comprehensions on a daily basis. Make sure you are used to solving reading comprehension questions at a stretch because you’ll have to do the same while appearing for the exam.

Practice solving Reading Comprehension on screen to replicate the experience that you’ll face in the exam.

3. Quantitative Techniques

As per the official website, “Quantitative Techniques section of the UG-CLAT 2022 will include short sets of facts or propositions, graphs, or other textual, pictorial or diagrammatic representations of numerical information, followed by a series of questions.” The best way to solve this section is through practice. The more you practice, the better you’ll get.

4. Logical Reasoning

You should expect Verbal Reasoning questions dominating the section. As per the official website there’ll be multiple short paragraphs based on which questions would be asked. If you are good at critical reasoning, you’ll have a great advantage.

5. Legal Reasoning

The passages may relate to fact situations or scenarios involving legal matters, public policy questions or moral philosophical enquiries. You will benefit from a general awareness of contemporary legal and moral issues to better apply general principles or propositions to the given fact scenarios.

It is clearly mentioned on the official website that through the paragraph, you should identify and infer the rules and principles set out in the passage and apply such rules and principles to various fact situations. So, make sure you are conceptually clear when it comes to Torts, Contract, Criminal Law or The Indian Constitution.

NOTE: The ideal way to practice questions and assess your preparation is through the help of Mock Tests. Prepare for all these sections and attempt as many mocks as possible. One should analyze their mocks post their attempt.

Don’t categorize a subject as your strong or weak based on how much you enjoy studying it, but on the basis of how much you score in them. The sample size should be good to determine this and should not be based on just a mock or two. Once identified, allocate more time to your weak areas without totally avoiding your strong sections.

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Last Minute Tips for CLAT 2022: Past papers for expertise

Even though pattern of examination will be different for some sections in the CLAT 2022 examination, the chances are the level of difficulty and area of questioning won’t be affected much as the aspirants giving these examinations will be of the same categories as previous years’. So do not get bogged down by the new pattern of examination. Instead skim through the previous year papers to get hold of the difficulty level/expected areas of questioning.

For students, it’d be very helpful to acknowledge that logical reasoning in CLAT examination has been following up a trend for the past few years. The section of logical reasoning usually matches the past papers of CLAT in atoms. For instance, 50% of question patterns and language remains the same. Hence, while studying past papers of CLAT and practicing, students can easily top in the logical reasoning section and set their rank of the dream.


Last Minute Tips for CLAT 2022: Avoid Negative Markings

CLAT follows negative marking, hence, if the student has failed to answer one question correctly, he/she can lose the marks of 4 questions he/she answered correctly. Thus, the last-minute trick for CLAT is “don’t rush to attempt the entire question paper.” Concentrate on the question to which you know the answers correctly.

In the end even after all hard work and preparations, it is true to the fact that, “A healthy body leads to healthy mind”. So, as part of last minute tips for CLAT 2022 examinations do the following before the exam. Here is the list of tips for CLAT to warm up your brain and to be prepared to take up the CLAT Exam:

  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Do plenty of exercise (15-20 minutes)
  • Sit still when inside the examination hall and focus on your breath for 5 minutes
  • Have a moderate breakfast and avoid junk foods in last few days leading to examination.

All the very best for your examination from team Oliveboard!



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