UK Rejoins EU’s Horizon Research, Renewed Bilateral Ties

A Forward Leap

Following a two-year post-Brexit deadlock, the United Kingdom has opted to once again become a part of the European Union’s Horizon science research program. This decision signifies a significant turning point in the UK-EU relationship, following the resolution of a trade dispute just seven months ago.

Horizon Reentry with Enhanced Terms

The UK’s return to the Horizon science research program underscores its commitment to strengthening ties with the EU. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s office has confirmed that they successfully negotiated “improved financial terms of association” with the Horizon initiative, a flagship EU project dedicated to funding scientific research.

Collaboration with Copernicus, Exclusion from Euratom

In addition to rejoining Horizon, the UK has chosen to collaborate with the European earth observation program, Copernicus. However, the UK will abstain from participating in the EU’s Euratom nuclear research scheme and instead pursue a domestic fusion energy strategy.

Compliant with Brexit Trade Agreement

This decision aligns with the Brexit trade agreement inked at the close of 2020, granting the UK access to various EU science and innovation programs, including Horizon. Initially hindered due to disputes over post-Brexit trade rules in Northern Ireland, the resolution of these issues in February cleared the way for the UK’s reentry into Horizon Europe.

Financing and Compensation Framework

Negotiations revolved around determining the UK’s reentry payment to Horizon, considering its two-year absence. The agreement stipulates that the UK will not be obliged to pay for the period it was excluded. Furthermore, a “clawback” mechanism has been put in place to compensate the UK in case British scientists receive significantly less funding than the UK government contributes.

Fostering Collaboration and Scientific Research

Prominent UK universities, including Oxford and Imperial College London, have expressed their endorsement of this agreement. They anticipate that it will facilitate collaborations on vital global challenges. Scientists are optimistic about reigniting fruitful partnerships with their European peers, potentially leading to groundbreaking research and innovation after a prolonged hiatus.


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