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The Uttar Pradesh Police Recruitment & Promotion Board (UPPRPB) recently conducted the UP Police Constable exam 2024 on February 17 and 18, 2022. Soon after the exam, several claims surfaced on social media platforms about paper leaks, leading to confusion and unrest among the candidates.

Claims of UP Police Paper Leak on Social Media

  • Immediately after the UP Police Constable exam on Feb 17, multiple posts emerged on social media platforms like Telegram, X (former Twitter), YouTube etc alleging paper leaks.
  • Screenshots of purported WhatsApp conversations discussing leaked question papers were also shared online.
  • Several YouTube videos cropped up supporting the paper leak claims and spreading misinformation.
  • These posts gained traction online and amplified rumors about exam paper leaks.

Reaction to UPPRPB Paper Leak Claims

  • The claims of leaked question papers resulted in widespread confusion and uproar among the examinees and authorities.
  • Many candidates panicked thinking the recruitment process was compromised.
  • The UPPRPB had to step in urgently to probe the veracity of these claims.

UPPRPB Investigation and Official Clarification

  • UPPRPB promptly conducted an internal investigation into the claims of paper leaks after the February 17 exam.
  • It was found that miscreants had used Telegram’s edit feature to spread false information.
  • The Board stated that the claims made on social media platforms were completely false and baseless.
  • Through a post on X (former Twitter), UPPRPB clarified that preliminary investigation revealed no merit in the paper leak allegations.
  • UPPRPB and UP Police are closely monitoring the situation and investigating sources of fake news.
  • Officials unambiguously denied any paper leak and dismissed the claims as mere rumors.

Advisory for Candidates

  • Candidates are advised to only trust official notifications from UPPRPB regarding the exam.
  • Unverified claims on social media platforms should be checked for authenticity before believing them.
  • Examinees should focus on preparations for upcoming exams rather than unsubstantiated rumors.
  • Any updates regarding the Constable exam will be duly notified by UPPRPB on its official website.
  • Candidates should refrain from spreading unverified information about paper leaks.

In summary, while claims of UP Police Constable exam paper leaks caused some disturbance, officials have dismissed them as false rumors after initial investigation. Candidates are advised to rely only on official communication from UPPRPB and continue their exam preparations diligently.


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