5 Rules for Solving Precis Writing Questions | RBI Grade B Phase 2 | SSC CGL Tier 3

Precis writing is an important part of the English Language paper of RBI Grade B Phase 2 and the SSC CGL Tier 3 Exams. Both these exams are just around the corner and thousands of aspirants would be appearing in these exams. To help all these aspirants to ace the precis writing section, Our Oliveboard Experts have come up with 5 Rules for Solving Precis Writing Questions. Following the rules and Precis writing tips given in this blog would help the aspirants to score high in the English Language paper of RBI Grade B Phase 2 and the SSC CGL Tier 3 Exams. So let us begin -:

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Solving Precis Writing Questions – What is a Precis?

Precis is not just an outline of a passage; it is the passage itself in a shorter or more dense form. It is written in one’s own words. It covers all the essential points from the passage.  Writing a summary does not mean that the details should be omitted, instead, it refers to them being combined in a much shorter paragraph. A precis should follow a logical order and while writing a precis, one should always stick to the opinions and views of the author. Providing data that is not given in the original passage is a big no for precis and can cost you marks in examination.

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Solving Precis Writing Questions – 5 Rules to follow

While keeping the above in mind, one should also keep the following rules handy:

Rule 1: Title: One must always start the precis by mentioning the title of the precis.

Rule 2: Word Limit: If not mentioned in the question, the word limit for a precis is approximately around one-third of the word count of the passage.

Rule 3: Picking up sentences from the passage should be avoided, instead one should try and frame the sentences in their own words.

Rule 4: Precis is always written in past tense OR in reported speech.

Rule 5: One should avoid adding one’s own opinion, views or wish.

Solving Precis Writing Questions – Tips to Approach a Precis

  • One should always read the given passage carefully and thoroughly so as to retain the main idea of the passage.
  • After this one should note down or mark the all the essential points of the passage while eliminate the superfluous or redundant information in the passage.
  • One should then start the precis and form an order similar to the one followed in the passage while keeping the language simple and precise.
  • Coherency should be taken care of while sticking to the details mentioned in the passage.
  • Last but not the least, one should in the end keep a check on the word limit.

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Solving Precis Writing Questions – Example

Read the passage carefully and write a summary of the same in your own words.
No paraphrasing/rephrasing is allowed.

Recently, the National Health Authority (NHA) and the All India Transporters Welfare Association (AITWA) have announced a partnership through a memorandum of understanding (MoU). This partnership aims to provide healthcare services to around 10 million truck drivers under the Ayushman Bharat (AB)-Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PM-JAY). The NHA and the AITWA will work together in order to identify truck drivers and employees of transport companies who are eligible for the scheme. The Common Service Centres (CSCs), which comes under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, will work toward facilitating the verification of drivers using the NHA’s Beneficiary Identification System. This collaboration will help thousands of eligible families access in-patient care for serious illnesses at a nationwide network of 19,002 government and private hospitals empanelled
under the PM-JAY. After the verification, the eligible drivers can get their AB PM-JAY e-cards at the nearest AITWA Highway Hero Centres. In the first phase, a pilot project will be conducted at key locations under the AITWA and the AB PM-JAY. This will be expanded to other towns across the country. Eligible drivers and employees of different transport companies will be able to avail themselves of the benefits after getting the PM-JAY cards. NHA
officials will work closely with the teams of the AITWA and the CSCs to conduct the drive to identify beneficiaries.
Title: Healthcare Services for Truck Drivers under Ayushman Bharat

To identify and provide healthcare services to 10 million truck drivers employees of transport companies under the AB PM-JAY, the NHA and AITWA announced a partnership through a MoU. In-patient care will be accessible to thousands of eligible families at around 19,002 government and private hospitals. The first phase aims to conduct a pilot project at key locations. The eligible drivers can obtain their AB PM-JAY e-cards at the nearest AITWA Highway Hero Centres and avail the benefits after their verification using NHA’s Beneficiary Identification System is done by the CSCs.

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That is all from us in this blog on 5 Rules for Solving Precis Writing Questions in RBI Grade B Phase 2 and SSC CGL Tier 3 Exams. All the best for your exam preparation -:

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