Countries and their Parliament Names: Download Free e-book

All Country Parliament Name is one of the few important topics for different Baking and Government exams. India has two houses of Parliament named Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha which is combinedly known as Sansad. Similarly, other countries too have their houses of Parliament. So, in this blog, we will provide you the List of the countries and their respective Parliamentary Houses. Read and memorize Countries and their Parliament names.


All Country Parliament Name: Download Free e-book

Download the free ebook on Countries and their Parliament names from the link provided below or you can click on the link:

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Sample Questions:

Q1) Name of the Afghanistan Parliament is?

A) Congress
B) Parliament
C) Alting
D) None of these

Correct Answer: “B”

Q2) Name of the Iceland Parliament is?

A) Althing
B) Folketing
C) Congress
D) None of these

Correct Answer: “A”

Sneak Peek:

Country Parliament Name
Afghanistan Shora
Albania People’s Assembly
Algeria National People’s Assembly
Andorra General Council
Angola National People’s Assembly
Argentina National Congress
Australia Federal Parliament
Austria National Assembly
Azerbaijan Milli Majlis
Bahamas General Assembly
Bahrain Consultative Council
Bangladesh Jatiya Parliament OR Jatiya Sangsad
Belize National Assembly

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This blog is all about Familiarizing you with the Countries and their Parliament Names and its relevancy in the Competetive Exams. For more such important updates keep following Oliveboard.

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