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Bank Exams Current Affairs Preparation

Bank Exams Current Affairs Preparation: Current Affairs is a topic tested in almost every banking and government exam. This is because these careers require the employees to be well in touch with the trends in the economy and government. However, current affairs is a vast subject and each day adds to the syllabus. So this article will provide a few tips and tricks on how to manage the preparation for current affairs for banking exams.

Bank Exams Current Affairs Preparation 2023

It is not feasible to begin preparing current affairs randomly. This is a subject that requires a consistent and sustained approach and should be made a daily part of your life. That’s how you can build on your knowledge without it getting overwhelming. To hasten this process, you can divide up the preparation in this manner:

  • Daily Current Affairs: Make notes about the important happenings on each day. You can do this by reading newspapers like The Hindu or referring to online current affairs portals that do it in a more compact form. Take notes and label them with dates. This will help you understand what event happened and when.
  • Weekly Current Affairs: At the end of the week, revise the notes completely. You can also supplement your notes with online weekly news analysis videos. These will help you keep track of relevant news that you need to revise. You can also find compiled PDFs to help make your revision easier.
  • Monthly Current Affairs: Revising the current affairs for the month. Candidates are recommended to revise these through videos and PDFs as this will help them study the most important news without having to sift through the less relevant content.

Bank Exams Current Affairs Preparation – Resources

Here is a list of resources for your current affairs preparation needs.

Daily Current AffairsCheck Here
Daily Current Affairs AnalysisCheck Here
Weekly Current Affairs PDFDownload Here
Weekly Current Affairs AnalysisWatch here
Monthly Current Affairs
– English
– Hindi
Download Here
Monthly Current Affairs MCQsCheck Here

Bank Exams Current Affairs Preparation – FAQs

Q1. Why are current affairs important for Bank exams?

A1. Almost all bank exams test current affairs and banking knowledge in their Prelims or Mains or both stages. A prospective employee must have awareness of the latest happenings and trends particularly relevant to the banking sector and the economy.

Q2. What resources can I use to prepare current affairs for banking exams?

A2. Several websites provide resources to learn and revise current affairs including Oliveboard, the links for which have been provided above. Other than these, the best resource is always a reputable newspaper like The Hindu.


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