BOLT – Monthly Current Affairs 2023 for Banking, SSC, Railway, UPSC Exams, Download PDF

Monthly Current Affairs 2023

Monthly Current Affairs 2023: Bolt is a series of In-depth GK Summary ebooks by Oliveboard for quick revision. It is the best way to consume important news right before the exam or prepare for GK in a short period of time. Here, we will provide you with monthly current affairs PDF for you to prepare better for upcoming banking and government exams. Current Affair is an important part of the General Awareness section in SSC, Railways, and Bank exams like IBPS, SBI, RBI Grade B, and other upcoming government exams.

To ensure the success of our students, we keep them informed about the new patterns and exam styles by selecting the right material as per their requirements. Continuing the same sequence, this time we have brought English and Hindi formats of the monthly current affairs PDF covering all those topics which are important from the examination point of view. Watch this space for monthly current affairs PDF 2023– free download.

Why Should You Download the BOLT – Monthly Current Affairs 2023?

  • Information is classified from Most Important News to Other News
  • Information is classified by chapter name; hence, you can use the table of contents to quickly revisit any chapter you want
  • The easiest and quickest way to consume important news items
  • Topics curated and explained by Oliveboard experts
  • In-depth coverage of all news articles (new)

Monthly Current Affairs April 2023

Use the link below to download the Monthly Current Affairs for the month of April 2023.

Monthly Current Affairs April 2023: Download PDF

Note – BOLT is now available with in-depth coverage of all news articles.

MonthDownload Link
Monthly Current Affairs — April 2023 BOLTClick here
Monthly Current Affairs — March 2023 BOLTClick here
Monthly Current Affairs — February 2023 BOLTClick here
Monthly Current Affairs — January 2023 BOLTClick here

How to Download the BOLT – Monthly Current Affairs 2023 PDF?

  1. Click on the below-given download link. You will be taken to Oliveboard’s FREE Ebooks Page. Alternatively, you can download the Oliveboard Android App to access these on your smartphone.
  2. Register/Login to the Free E-Books Page of Oliveboard (It is 100% free, You just enter your valid email id and a password to be able to download the Monthly current affairs bolt).
  3. Once logged in you’ll see the message “Please click here to download the Free Ebook“. Click on the message to download that particular ebook.
  4. You can also list month-wise BOLT PDFs.

4. Click on the Download button to get your copy of the FREE BOLT – for Banking and Government Exams.

Click on the respective links here to download the Weekly Current Affairs PDF and Read Daily Current Affairs.

You’ll have to sign in just once to download all previous editions of BOLT. You can also download the Hindi Format of the BOLT monthly current affairs in your Oliveboard dashboard.

BOLT Monthly Current Affairs 2023 – Now Available with in-depth coverage.

  1. Covers important news related to
    1. Banking and Finance
    2. Economy
    3. National and International events
    4. Schemes
    5. Awards and Honours
    6. Important Days
    7. Agreements and MOUs
    8. Ranks and Reports
    9. Science and Technology
    10. Defense
    11. Person in News etc.

Monthly Current Affairs 2022

Use the link below to download the Monthly Current Affairs for the year 2022.

MonthDownload Link
Monthly Current Affairs — December 2022 BOLTClick here
Monthly Current Affairs — November 2022 BOLTClick here
Monthly Current Affairs — October 2022 BOLTClick here
Monthly Current Affairs — September 2022 BOLTClick here
Monthly Current Affairs — August 2022 BOLTClick here
Monthly Current Affairs — July 2022 BOLTClick here
Monthly Current Affairs — June 2022 BOLTClick here
Monthly Current Affairs — May 2022 BOLTClick here
Monthly Current Affairs — April 2022 BOLTClick here
Monthly Current Affairs — March 2022 BOLTClick here
Monthly Current Affairs — February 2022 BOLTClick here
Monthly Current Affairs — January 2022 BOLTClick here

Monthly Current Affairs 2021

Use the link below to download the Monthly Current Affairs for the Year 2021.

MonthDownload link
December 2021 BoltClick here
November 2021 BoltClick here
October 2021 BoltClick here
September 2021 BoltClick here
August 2021 BoltClick here
July 2021 BoltClick here
June 2021 BoltClick here
May 2021 BoltClick here
April 2021 BoltClick here
March 2021 BoltClick here
February 2021 BoltClick here
January 2021 BoltClick here

Monthly Current Affairs 2023 PDF What is Included?

The Oliveboard BOLT Monthly current affairs ebook covers all the important and relevant topics for Banking, SSC, Railways & other government exams. Following is the list of all the topics covered in current affairs GK PDF.

Monthly Banking Current Affairs 2023

Complete coverage of all banking related events to given you an overall knowledge about the banking and financial system current affairs on a monthly basis.

Monthly Economic Affairs Current Affairs 2023

Know every headline from the economic issues on internal and external aspects of the Indian/World economy including events that affect inflation, price control, foreign exchange management, Official Development Assistance domestic finance and preparation of the budget.

Monthly National News 2023

All national events can can feature in government recruitment exams.

Monthly International News 2023

All important international events across the globe that impacts economy, environment, politics, and more.

State-wise Monthly Current Affairs 2023

Complete state and UT-wise coverage of events from rural, urban, political, economic, social, health, employment, demographics point of view.

Monthly Sports Current Affairs 2023

All major sports tournaments, winners, sports bodies and the sport.

Agreements related Current Affairs 2023

All bi-lateral and multinational agreements in the month.

Latest Govt Schemes 2023

All government schemes launched or in news in the month.

Latest Appointment 2023

All major appointment in Legislature, Executive, Judiciary, International Organizations, Banking, Sport Bodies, brands, and public sector undertaking organizations.

Monthly Awards Updates 2023

All awardees from sports, films, politics, honorary facilitations, social causes, Science, medicine, and more.

Ranks & Reports – Monthly News Updates 2023

Rankings based on Indexes, Economy, Environment Parameters, Social Causes, Schemes, Nations and more, mainly with respect to India and leader of that index (for instance, India’s rank in Global Happiness Index etc.); indices related to peace, hunger, corruption, poverty, crime, development, black money etc..

Important Days of the Month 2023

List of all important days in a month.

Summit & Conferences 2023

Including inter-state, national and international summit and conferences.

Monthly Science & Technology Current Affairs PDF 2023

All recent scientific advancement in space, technology, medicine, IT, Business, and Industries.

Monthly Defense News Updates 2023

Indian and International defence related events

Books & Authors 2023

Monthly list of Books & Authors

Miscellaneous 2023

Anything under the sun not covered by the other listed topics.

Obituary 2023

Noted personalities who left us.

Person in news – Monthly Updates 2023

Political, Science, Sports, Media, Industry personalities in news every month.

Monthly Insurance Current Affairs PDF 2023

Covers entire CA related events of Insurance industry

Monthly India & World News 2023

National and International News and Current Affairs

Monthly Environment Current Affairs 2023

All report and rankings on environments and major current events that impact the environment.

Apps & Portals 2023

All app and portals released by the government, companies and startups each month.

Acquisitions & Mergers 2023

List of all Acquisitions & Mergers in a month, 12 months a year.

Importance of Monthly Current Affairs for Different Exams

Importance of monthly current affairs is obvious for ardent aspirants of government exams. Current affairs questions feature in all government and banking exam but more than just those written exams, current affairs impacts the overall well-being of a government/PSU job aspirant. And when you have to cover thousands of headlines from hundreds of topics, you require crisp summaries. Because there is no way you are going to remember everything that happened over the last 12 months. Monthly current affairs PDF reduces this number to fine-tuned 100 headlines or so. These monthly ebooks are composed of hand-picked summaries of major current events. Oliveboard Monthly current affairs PDF is your one-stop-shop for the following –

Monthly Current Affairs for Banking Exams

Current affairs are both important and “difficult to tame” sections of banking exams. Current affairs for Banking vividly deal with banking awareness and does follow a pattern. Regular reading of current affairs and a sound understanding of previous years’ banking awareness questions are always helpful. Here is why current affairs are important for banking exams:

  • Candidates need to get past a sectional cut-off in this section as well leaving them with no option but to study current affairs.
  • It is expected from a banking aspirant to be aware of economic and banking-related events on a day-to-day basis.
  • Current affairs not only help in the mains examination but also helps in acing interview for banking exams. 
  • The current affairs become even more relevant if the aspirant is willing to join India’s Central bank RBI as an RBI Grade B Officer.
  • Current affairs fetch easy marks.

Download the Monthly Current Affairs PDF from the Oliveboard website and stay on top of all banking awareness events each month.

Monthly Current Affairs for SSC

General Awareness of SSC can be tricky due to its vast syllabus and the uncertainty of the questions. Still, the current affair section features up to 10 questions and can make a huge difference in your overall score. The monthly current affairs PDF here is also important for SSC aspirants as to cover all Current affairs in global, national, and world news as well as awards & honors, books & writers, government programs and policies, sports activities, and lastly people in the News in a single monthly PDF. As current affairs questions are usually asked from events that happened 6 months before the exam, giving you only 6-7 PDFs to help you cover most expected current affairs in SSC exams.

So download the Monthly Current Affairs PDF from the Oliveboard website and stay on top of all current affairs and related events on a monthly basis.

Railways Current Affairs for Railways

‘General Awareness’ has the maximum weightage among all the three sections asked in both stages of the exam, so, it’s important to master this section in order to crack the exam with flying colors and to maximize the score in this section a good hold over the current affairs will assist you well. Whether we talk about (Computer Based Test) CBT-1 (1st round, screening) or CBT- 2 (2nd stage), to crack exam this exam, one needs to master the ‘General Awareness section. A very crucial part of this section is the current affairs section, which according to the recent trends of the exams has become a major section of general awareness. This Monthly Current Affairs PDF by Oliveboard is a perfect mix of all important events in Appointments, Government and Non-Government Schemes, Global Index, prizes and Awards, Military Exercises, Books and Authors, and more.

So, download our free Monthly Current Affairs PDF for all Govt Exams including railways. Just use the link given above and click on the Monthly Current Affairs buttons to download or view the PDF.

Monthly Current Affairs for Police Exam

Oliveboard monthly current affairs PDF includes all the prevalent topics asked in a number of police exams in the country. Download the ebook for a monthly installation of Current Affairs for India, the World, Geography, General Science, Science & Technology, IT and Communication, Agriculture, Environment, Sports, Awards, Trade and Commerce, Misc.

Monthly Current Affairs for State Government Exams

Current Affairs Questions in the state government exams are based on current events of national and international importance. Since there is noting specifically mentioned current affairs questions in state government exams can be very unpredictable. So to be on the safer side, a summarized monthly current affairs ebook can be a time savior. Since the ebook is prepared by former aspirants and experts, you’ll find to-the-point headlines only.

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Stay tuned for upcoming monthly current affairs!

For daily current affairs, you can always refer to our daily GK current affairs page. Also, refer to our GK section for more articles, ebooks, quizzes, and videos around static GK and current affairs.

Monthly Current Affairs 2023: FAQs

Where can I find the monthly current affairs PDF?

Download Oliveboard BOLT, the monthly current affairs PDF on Oliveboard App or from the links given in this blog.

Which monthly current affairs PDF is best?

Economic and Political Weekly
Oliveboard Monthly BOLT (English & Hindi Versions)

What is included in the Oliveboard Monthly Current Affairs PDF?

BOLT Monthly current affairs PDF covers all the important and relevant topics for Banking, SSC, Railways & other government exams. Download your free copy now.

Is Oliveboard Monthly Current Affairs PDF free?

Yes, Oliveboard Monthly Current Affairs PDF is free for all aspirants. You can download your free copy from the Oliveboard website or Oliveboard Android App.

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