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Weekly Current Affairs

Weekly Current Affairs PDF 2024: Current Affairs being part of the General Awareness section is asked in every government exam and is also important from the final interview. In this blog, we cover weekly current affairs oneliners in the form of a PDF which is very important for the upcoming Bank & Government Exams like NABARD Grade A, RBI Grade B, SEBI Grade A, IFSCA Grade A, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO and SBI Clerk, IDBI Assistant Manager, FCI, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, LIC AAO, LIC ADO, UPSC CSE & various other exams.

Weekly Current Affairs 2024

General awareness can be the easiest section when followed regularly. Download the Free PDF OR follow the daily current affairs and keep yourself updated with the latest events. You can also take an online quiz on the Oliveboard App and Website.

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Weekly Current Affairs One Liners 2024

Weekly Current Affairs Oneliners will help you prepare for General Awareness efficiently. Since GA is a vast topic, weekly current affairs will help you at the time of the revision, especially during last-minute revisions. The importance of current affairs cannot be overstated. In many exams, it carries equal if not more weightage than other sections.

Download Weekly Current Affairs PDF 2024

Stay ahead in your government exam preparation with our Weekly Current Affairs PDF 2024! Tailored for all government exams including NABARD Grade A, SEBI Grade A, RBI Grade B, IBPS PO, SBI PO, SSC CGL, LIC AAO, and more, our PDF provides concise summaries of the week’s top events in politics, economics, technology, and beyond. Stay updated and enhance your exam readiness – download our Weekly Current Affairs PDF 2024 now!

WeekWeekly Current AffairsDownload Link
25Weekly Current Affairs (17th June to 23rd June 2024)Click Here
24Weekly Current Affairs (10th June to 16th June 2024)Click Here
23Weekly Current Affairs (3rd June to 9th June 2024)Click Here
22Weekly Current Affairs (27th May to 2nd June 2024)Click Here
21Weekly Current Affairs (20th May to 26th May 2024)Click Here
20Weekly Current Affairs (13th May to 19th May 2024)Click Here
19Weekly Current Affairs (6th May to 12th May 2024)Click Here
18Weekly Current Affairs (29th April to 5th May 2024)Click Here
17Weekly Current Affairs (22nd April to 28th April 2024)Click Here
16Weekly Current Affairs (15th April to 21st April 2024)Click Here
15Weekly Current Affairs (8th April to 14th April 2024)Click Here
14Weekly Current Affairs (1st April to 7th April 2024)Click Here
13Weekly Current Affairs (25th March to 31st March 2024)Click Here
12Weekly Current Affairs (18th March to 24th March 2024)Click Here
11Weekly Current Affairs (11th March to 17th March 2024)Click Here
10Weekly Current Affairs (4th March to 10th March 2024)Click Here
9Weekly Current Affairs (26th February to 3rd March 2024)Click Here
8Weekly Current Affairs (18th February to 25th February 2024)Click Here
7Weekly Current Affairs (12th February to 17th February 2024)Click Here
6Weekly Current Affairs (5th February to 11th February 2024)Click Here
5Weekly Current Affairs (29th January to 4th February 2024)Click Here
4Weekly Current Affairs (22nd January to 28th January 2024)Click Here
3Weekly Current Affairs (15th January to 21st January 2024)Click Here
2Weekly Current Affairs (8th January to 14th January 2024)Click Here
1Weekly Current Affairs (1st January to 7th January 2024)Click Here

Weekly Current Affairs 2023 PDF

The following table archives the weekly current affairs for the year 2023.

Weekly Current Affairs 2023Weekly Current Affairs 2023
25th December to 31st December 2023
18th December to 24th December 202311th December to 17th December 2023
4th December to 10th December 202327th November to 3rd December 2023
20th November to 26th November 202313th November to 19th November 2023
6th November to 12th November 202330th October to 5th November 2023
23rd October to 29th October 202316th October to 22nd October 2023
9th October to 15th October 20232nd October to 8th October 2023
25th September to 1st October 202318th September to 24th September 2023
11th September to 17th September 20234th September to 10th September 2023
28th August to 3rd September 202321st August to 27th August 2023
14th August to 20th August 20237th August to 13th August 2023
31st July to 6th August 202324th July to 30th July 2023
17th July to 23rd July 202310th July to 16th July 2023
3rd July to 9th July 202326th June to 2nd July 2023
19th June to 25th June 202312th June to 18th June 2023
5th June to 11th June 202329th May to 4th June 2023
22nd May to 28th May 202315th May to 21st May 2023
8th May to 14th May 20231st May to 7th May 2023
24th April to 30th April 202317th April to 23rd April 2023
10th April to 16th April 20233rd April to 9th April 2023
27th March to 2nd April 202320th March to 26th March 2023
13th March to 19th March 20236th March to 12th March 2023
27th Feb to 5th March 202313th Feb to 19th Feb 2023
6th Feb to 12th Feb 202330th Jan to 5th Feb 2023
23rd Jan to 29th Jan 202316th Jan to 22nd Jan 2023
2nd Jan to 8th Jan 20239th Jan to 15th Jan 2023

Weekly Current Affairs – June 2022 to December 2022

The following table archives the current affairs by week from May 2022 to December 2022.

Weekly Current Affairs 2022Weekly Current Affairs 2022
19th to 25th December 202226th Dec 2022 – 1st Jan 2023
5th to 11th December 202212th to 18th December 2022
28th November to 4th December21st to 27th November 2022
14th to 20th November 20227th November to 13th November 2022
24th – 30th October 202231st October – 6th November 2022
17th – 23rd October 202210th – 16th October 2022
3rd – 9th October 202226th September – 2nd October 2022
19th – 25th September 202212th – 18th September 2022
5th September – 11th September 202229th August – 4th September 2022
22nd – 28th August 202215th- 21st August 2022
7th – 14th August 20221st Aug – 7th Aug 2022
25th – 31st July 202218th – 24th July 2022
11th July – 17th July 20224th – 10th July 2022
27th June – 3rd July 202220th June – 26th June 2022
13th – 19th June 20226th – 12th June 2022

How to Download the Free PDF?

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Weekly Current Affairs

Step 2: Register/Login to the Free E-Books Page of Oliveboard (It is 100% free, You just enter your valid email ID and a password to be able to download the Free pdf.

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Weekly Current Affairs

Latest Weekly Current Affairs Importance

The importance of current affairs is obvious for ardent aspirants of government exams. Current affairs questions feature in all government and banking exams but more than just those written exams, current affairs impact the overall performance of a government/PSU job aspirant. Let’s take a look at the importance of current affairs in different types of government exams.

  • Knowing them is beneficial for the person reading it. Generally, if you miss an SBI recruitment notification and do not apply for it, you are not getting that job.
  • Recruiting bodies seek candidates aware of current affairs, be it banking or political awareness, aspirants aware of these events become the first choice.
  • Current affairs give you exposure to the real world making your thoughts more practical and actionable.

But the importance of current affairs for specific exams is way more important. Here is how-

Free Weekly Current Affairs for Banking

Current affairs are both important and “difficult to tame” sections of banking exams. Current affairs for Banking vividly deal with banking awareness and do follow a pattern. Regular reading of current affairs and a sound understanding of previous years’ banking awareness questions, is always helpful. Here is why current affairs are important for banking exams:

  • Candidates need to get past a sectional cut-off in this section as well leaving them with no option but to study current affairs.
  • It is expected from a banking aspirant to be aware of economic and banking-related events on a day-to-day basis.
  • Current affairs not only help in the mains examination but also help in acing interviews for banking exams. 
  • The current affairs become even more relevant if the aspirant is willing to join India’s Central Bank, RBI as an RBI Grade B Officer.
  • Current affairs fetch easy marks.

Download the Weekly Current Affairs PDF from the Oliveboard website and stay on top of all banking awareness events each week.

Weekly Current Affairs for SSC

General Awareness of SSC can be tricky due to its vast syllabus and the uncertainty of the questions. Still, the current affairs section features up to 10 questions and can significantly affect your overall score. The current affairs PDF here is also important for SSC aspirants as to covers all major social, political, scientific, economic, sports, awards, and miscellaneous events in a single PDF. As current affairs questions are usually asked about events that happened 6 months before the exam, these PDFs will be handy during the last phase of your preparation.

So download the Weekly Current Affairs PDF from the Oliveboard website and stay on top of all current affairs and related events regularly.

Weekly Current Affairs for Railways

Latest Current affairs form a major part of the RRB NTPC exam. Whether we talk about (Computer Based Test) CBT-1 (1st round, screening) or CBT-2 (2nd stage), to crack exam this exam, then one needs to master the ‘General Awareness’ section. A very crucial part of this section is the current affairs section which according to the recent trends of the exams has become a major section of general awareness. These Current Affairs PDFs by Oliveboard are a perfect mix of all important events happening in all fields and around the globe.

So, download our free Weekly Current Affairs PDF for all Govt Exams including railways. Just use the link given above and click on the Weekly Current Affairs buttons to download or view the PDF.

Advantages of Current Affairs PDF

Weekly current affairs play an important role in preparation for the GA section, which has a vast syllabus. Following good weekly PDFs helps you in revising only important current events as these are hand-picked by former successful aspirants. As the time is less and candidates need to cover all the topics, these crisp weekly current affairs PDFs help you prepare GA in a very short time as they contain a summary of all the important events as well.

Monthly Current Affairs 2024 PDF

In addition to the weekly PDFs, you can also download the monthly compilation of these one-liners – Popularly Known as Oliveboard BOLT. These monthly current affairs PDFs are available in both Hindi and English.


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FAQs: Weekly Current Affairs 2024 PDF

Q1. How can I download the Weekly Current Affairs 2024 PDF?

Ans. Register from the link here and download the Weekly Current Affairs 2024 PDF.

Q2. Can I take the online Weekly Current Affairs Quiz?

Ans. Yes, you can take the weekly and daily current affairs quiz from your Oliveboard dashboard and your Oliveboard App.

Q3. What topics are included in the Weekly Current Affairs 2024 PDF?

Ans. Topics included are banking, finance, international news, internal affairs, defense, science and technology, sports, and more.

Q4. Weekly Current Affairs 2024 PDF is useful for which exams?

Ans. Weekly Current Affairs is useful for Banking, SSC, Railways, State Civil Services Exams, UPSC, RBI Grade B, and other regulatory exams.

Q5. Why is Weekly Current Affairs PDF important?

Ans. Weekly Current Affairs PDF saves you time in collecting the daily current affairs. It makes your general awareness preparation more practical.


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