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The biography of Mahatma Gandhi and other important personalities is a part of the English portions of the TNPSC Group 2 Exam. To help you get a quick overview of Mahatma Gandhi’s life, we have compiled a few important events of his life. In this blog, we present to you, Biography of Mahatma Gandhi.

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Highlights – Biography of Mahatma Gandhi

2 October1869Birth at Porbandar.
 1882Marriage with Kasturbai, aged 13.
29 September1888Reached Southampton, England
26 May1893Refused to remove his Paghadi; left the court.
31 May1893Thrown off the first class carriage of the train at Pietermartizburg Station.
22 August1894Founded the ‘Natal Indian Congress’.
20 July1906Took the vow of Brahmcharya.
11 September1906Advent of Satyagraha at Empire Theatre, Johannesburg, where people took a pledge with God as their witness, to oppose the Black Act.
1 October1906Left for England as a member of the Indian Delegation.
22 March1907Asiatic Registration Bill passed in Transvaal Parliament. 
 1908The term ‘Satyagraha’ adopted based on Maganlal Gandhi’s fomulation ‘Sadagraha’.
10 January1908Awarded two months’ simple imprisonment for refusal to obtain registration.
30 January1908Agreement signed with General Smuts on voluntary registration.
10 February1908Mir Alam and others assault Gandhiji.
13-22 November1909Wrote ‘Hind Swarajya’ aboard the ship ‘Kildonan Castle’.
11-18 December1909‘Hind Swarajya’ published in ‘Indian Opinion’.
23 June1910Established Tolstoy Farm; vowed to eschew milk; commenced experiments in frutarian diet.
20 May1915Established ‘Satyagraha Ashram’, Kochrab.
26 June1915Awarded the ‘Kaisare Hind’ medal.
11 September1915First Harijan family of Dudabhai, Danibehn and Laxmi joined the Ashram.
15 November1915Elected as Vice President of Gujarat Sabha.
6 February1916Lectured at Benaras Hindu University.
26 December1916Met Jawaharlal Nehru for the first time at Lucknow Congress.
10 April1917Travelled to Patna with Rajkumar Shukla to investigate the condition of indigo farmers.
18 April1917Gave a statement in the court about the disobedience of prohibitory orders.
17 June1917Sabarmati Ashram was established.
20 October1917Presided over the Second Gujarati Education Conference, Bharuch.
3 November1917Presided over the First Gujarat Political Conference, Godhara.
7 November1917Mahadev Desai joined as Secretary.
14 February1918Appointed to arbiter the dispute between Mill-owners and Mill-hands of Ahmedabad.
15 March1918Indefinite fast to keep the resolve of striking Mill-hands commenced.
18 March1918Broke fast after compromise.
22 March1918Addressed the public meeting of 5000 peasants at Nadiad; advised them to not pay land revenue.
24 February1919Satyagraha pledged against ‘Rowlett Act’.
6 April1919National Hartal and Satyagraha against the Rowlett Act.
9 April1919Arrested at Palval Station.
13 April1919Massacre at Jallianwala Baug; three days’ fast in Ahmedabad commenced.
7 September1919The first issue of ‘Navajivan’ was published.
8 October1919The first issue of ‘Young India’ was published.
15 November1919Congress boycott the Hunter Commission and set up an independent inquiry.
2 August1920Returned the honours to the Government, the commencement of Non-co-operation.
18 October1920Gujarat Vidyapith was established.
24 December1921Given the reigns of the Congress in Ahmedabad.
29 January1922Bardoli Taluka resolved against payment of land revenue and Civil-Disobedience.
4 February1922Policemen at Chauri Chaura were killed.
10 March1922Gandhiji and Shankerlal Banker were arrested.
11 March1922Charged with sedition for the authorship of three articles in Young India.
18 March1922Trial held at Ahmedabad Circuit House; Judge Broomfield awarded Gandhiji a sentence of six years’ imprisonment.
21 March1922Transferred to Yeravda Prison.
5 February1924Released unconditionally.
6 April1924The publication of ‘Dakshin Africana Satyagrahano Itihas’ in Navajivan.
17 September1924Twenty-one days’ fast for communal harmony commenced at Maulana Mohammed Ali’s house, Delhi.
26 December1924Presided over the Belgaum Congress.
22 September1925‘All India Spinners’ Association’ was established.
7 November1925Madeleine Slade joined Satyagraha Ashram, named Mirabehn.
29 November1925The publication of ‘Satyana Prayogo athava Atmakatha’ commences in Navajivan.
3 December1925The publication of ‘Autobiography or The Story of My Experiments with Truth’ commences in Young India.
3 February1928Boycott of Simon Commission.
27 June1929Wrote introduction to ‘Anasktiyoga’.
15 February1930Wrote to the Viceroy about his intention to break the Salt Law.
12 March1930Dandi March commences from Satyagraha Ashram.
6 April1930Broke the Salt Law.
5 May1930Arrested and sent to Yeravda Prison.
26 January1931Released from prison.
5 March1931Gandhi-Irwin pact signed.


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