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BOI Credit Officer Preparation Strategy 2022. The Bank of India (BOI) conducts exams for various posts and opportunities at its several locations around the country every year. The bank conducts tests for all jobs other than clerical and probationary officers. Economists, data scientists, credit officers, data analysts, and other professionals are among the most dependable. As a result, it is a highly essential test for students, and all applicants must thoroughly comprehend the BOI Credit Officer Exam format.

BOI Credit Officer 2022 – Preparation Strategy

Understanding the Exam Pattern

The test format is one of the most important factors to consider when studying for any exam. The BOI Credit Officer examination pattern 2022 includes general awareness, professional knowledge, and English language with an emphasis on the banking industry.

SectionsMarksNo. of QuestionDuration
English Language5050150 minutes
Professional Knowledge100100150 minutes
General Awareness withspecial referenceto Banking Industry2525150 minutes
Total175175150 minutes

Create a Timetable – BOI Credit Officer Preparation Strategy

Candidates who are unsure how to study for BOI Credit Officer should keep in mind that they must plan ahead of time for every test, not only BOI Credit Officer. The creation of a schedule is a must. The time table should include a routine and a study timetable, and candidates should allocate equal time to all of the subjects that they must study and stick to the programme.

Read More & Practice More

This should be obvious. Reading is the most basic and crucial element of BOI Credit Officer exam preparation. Begin by reading the top BOI Credit Officer exam books and curriculum resources available. Apart from the reasoning and quantitative components, all other courses, such as English and current events, require extensive reading.

Strong Foundation and Clear Basics

Because everyone does not know everything, if BOI Credit Officer applicants have any issues with their studies or the concepts are unclear to them throughout the preparation, they should resort to online videos or offline study resources for reference and to clear their doubts and concerns.

Improve Your Time Management Abilities.

The BOI Credit Officer test is all on managing your time. The preliminary and mains phases are timed, and applicants must complete as many questions as possible within that time range to maximise their chances of qualifying. One thing to keep in mind is that both of these phases include negative grading, so students must concentrate on increasing their efficiency in order to complete the problems and make fewer or no mistakes.

Revision is the Key

This is the most important aspect of the whole BOI credit officer preparation plan. Revision allows you to go back over everything you’ve learned during the day. All candidates are urged to review what they have learned before going to bed.

Practice Using PYQs

Practice is the most crucial aspect of how to prepare for BOI credit officer, and what better method to practise than by answering previous year question papers. This is one of the primary activities that applicants are advised to do starting on day one of their  BOI credit officer preparations. Arrange at least ten years’ worth of previous exam papers and solve them on a regular basis.

Choose Study Materials Wisely

The most crucial aspect of preparing for  BOI credit officer is selecting study resources. The top books,  BOI credit officer question papers, newspapers, current events publications, and other study aids are included. There are several study resources available on the market for these categories, and applicants are recommended to choose wisely and avoid being confused among them.

That’s all from us in this article. We hope you find the BOI Credit Officer Preparation Strategy 2022 for the Prelims exam useful and apply the same in your preparation journey. You can now access Oliveboard’s Mock Tests and other study materials directly from your phone. Download Oliveboard Mobile App and prepare for your move.


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