CAT Interview Tips 2018-10 Key Tips to Ace the Personal Interview Round

As the CAT 2018 results are out, it is high time to prepare for the last leg of the MBA admission process that is the Interview round. Interviews are a crucial part of selection process and should be given adequate importance. Candidates often underestimate the impact that an interview and written ability test (WAT) can have on their prospects of getting selected. So, here we provide you with some of the important CAT Interview Tips that need to be kept in mind and prepared beforehand. It will surely help you in enhancing your performance in the MBA interviews.

CAT Interview Tips – 10 Key Tips to Ace the Personal Interview Round

  1. Managers are required to be wise in their approach as well as thoughtful of their decision-making ability because every now and then they need to take strategic decisions that will affect the organization overall. So, they need to be aware of the surroundings so that they can assess the impact of various events on their decision making and thereby on the organization.
  2. Be through with the latest business and financial current affairs that are in news recently and know the ins and outs of those events. You may be asked to explain the scenario and what you could have done when in that situation. Read a financial newspaper regularly as well as visit sites that accumulate current events from the past few months. This will even help you in framing extempore or articles for written ability tests (WAT) as well as increase your awareness about the recent events.
  3. Be very calm while answering, think a bit, do not panic and then answer the question.
  4. Be prepared with frequently asked questions like Why MBA? Why MBA after Engineering? What are your goals and ambitions? How will your academic background help you in achieving your goals? Explain your role in the last job?
  5. You need to always be prepared with pointers to introduce yourself, on your SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis and, the experiences which show your qualities.
  6. There night be few questions from the subjects that you studied in your Graduation. So, you must be able to answer those. The interviewers might grill you for not recollecting the answers. But do not get embarrassed, maintain your calm and politely say that you do not the answer.
  7. Reflect confidence in your answers and try to drive the interview towards your strengths.
  8. Always be honest with your answers and don not try to fool around the interviewers because they are very experienced people and will catch you if speak falsely about yourself.
  9. Be very thorough with each and every word that is written in your CV. It happens mostly that your interview questions are framed from the information that is provided in your CV.
  10. The body language and your approach that you reflect during your interview process should be very positive. Your answers well framed with clarity of approach would do wonders.

So, this was all from us in this blog of CAT Interview Tips -10 Key Tips to Ace the Personal Interview Round, we hope you benefit from the above tips and ace the personal interview round of the MBA admission process. 

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All the Best. Prepare Well !

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