Chemistry Questions Asked in SSC CGL

Chemistry Questions Asked in SSC CGL: Chemistry is one of the important science subjects that are asked in competitive exams like SSC CGL, SSC CHSL and Railways.

In such exams, there are around 4-5 questions that are asked from the General Science section. Aspirants can score easily by being aware of this topic.

In this blog, we will be providing chemistry questions that were asked in the SSC CGL exam in the previous years.


SSC CGL Chemistry Questions

1. Chemical substances that have a bitter taste is?

a) Acid

b) Salt

c) Base

d) None of these

2. Chemical name of chalk is?

a) Calcium Phosphide

b) Calcium Carbonate

c) Calcium Nitrate

d) Calcium Sulphate

3. Tungsten has

a) High density

b) Low density

c) High melting point

d)  Low melting point

4. The chemical name of caustic potash is?

a) Manganese Hydroxide

b) Phosphorous Hydroxide

c) Potassium Hydroxide

d) Ferrous Hydroxide

5. The chemical that is most commonly used in mouth wash is:

a) Hydrogen Peroxide

b) Calcium Carbide

c) Sodium Benzoate

d)  Sodium Iodide

6. Bio-Chemical Oxygen Demand of safe drinking water must be:

a) 100 ppm

b) 200 ppm

c) 50 ppm

d) 0 ppm

7. Soap is composed of?

a) Sodium and Potassium salt mixed with chemicals

b) Sodium salt with fatty acids.

c) Potassium salt with fatty acids

d) Both b & c

8. The chemical name of common salt is?

a) Sodium salicylate

b) Sodium hydroxide

c)  Sodium bicarbonate

d)  Sodium chloride

9. Which of the following chemical is mostly used to remove the permanent hardness of water?

a) Potassium Chloride

b) Ammonium Chloride

c) Sodium chloride

d)  Manganese chloride

10. Which of the following chemical is used to decrease the basicity of soil?

a) Gypsum

b) Alum

c) Magnesium sulphate

d) Sodium chloride

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That was all about the SSC CGL Chemistry Questions. We hope that it will prove beneficial for exam preparation. For more updates, stay connected with Oliveboard.


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