Important Phrasal Verbs for RBI Assistant 2022

Important Phrasal Verbs for RBI Assistant: English is such a section that requires rigorous practice on the part of an aspirant. One needs to cover all the topics under the English section with the help of a wide variety of questions. The aspirants who are targetting the RBI Assistant exam and aspire to join the Banking Industry in 2022 itself, need to buck up and practice rigorously. We all are well aware of the ever-rising cut-off game of the Banking & Government Exams these days. We need to make sure that we leave no stone unturned in our preparation. In this blog, we would be covering one of the frequently asked topics i.e. Important Phrasal Verbs by providing an ebook on Phrasal Verbs.

Note: The official RBI Assistant Notification for the 2022 Recruitment has been released by the RBI on 14th February 2022. A total of 950 vacancies have been announced for RBI Assistant 2022. The exam will take place on 26th-27th March 2022.

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Important Phrasal Verbs for RBI Assistant

  1. Finish off: Finish completely
  2. Bear upon: Be relevant to
  3. Let off: Not punished.
  4. Play around: Be silly.
  5. Drink to: Raise one’s glass as a toast
  6. Do up: Redecorate
  7. Bone up on: Study hard for a goal or reason.
  8. Do up: Execute a task or performance
  9. Auction off: Sell something in an auction.
  10. Lie around: Be in an unknown place
  11. Shut in: Lock in
  12. Do in: Exhaust, to tire out
  13. Make of: Understand or have an opinion.
  14. Step on it: Act quickly
  15. Chew up: Chew so as to make something pulpy
  16. Roll over: Cause a rolling motion or turn
  17. Keep around: Keep something near you.
  18. Shut out: Hide from sight
  19. Hand in: Give something to a responsible person
  20. Aim at: To target.
  21. Attend to: Diligently work on; to pay attention to
  22. Pin on: Attach the blame to someone.
  23. Pass by: Go past without stopping.
  24. Draw up: Come to a halt
  25. Play up: Behave badly.
  26. Burn down: Burn completely, so that nothing remains
  27. Find out: Uncover a weakness (in someone)
  28. Clock in: Be measured at

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