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How to Crack Any Competitive Exam Without Coaching – The competitive examination season has arrived, and applicants will test their skills in various banking and government exams. When beginning their preparation, every applicant asks themselves the same question: Should I accept coaching or not? You can certainly pass an exam on your own if you plan well and use clever study techniques.

Yes, it is possible to Crack Any Competitive Exam Without Coaching, but with the aid of independent study. I’ll try to give a thorough overview of how to Crack Any Competitive Exam Without Coaching in this article.

How to Crack Any Competitive Exam Without Coaching? The methods and shortcuts offered by coaching institutes will help you pass any exam, but you must realize that nothing worthwhile in life is free, and there is no such thing as a free meal.

It always comes down to self-study and confidence in these exams because only you can identify your own strengths and weaknesses. However, it is not overly complicated. It all comes down to understanding the syllabus and developing a strategy accordingly. Let us learn how to succeed through self-study and resolve to master the art of passing any competitive exam.

Understand the Syllabus Properly:

Understanding the entire workout is the initial step in any exercise. Any competitive test has a set syllabus and previous year papers to consult for information on the exam format and level of difficulty. To obtain a sense of what to expect, read through any examination notifications first, followed by the previous year’s papers.

Create a Successful Daily Study Schedule.

It is crucial to establish a regular study schedule and to stick to it religiously if you are undertaking self-study. Establish a good schedule and stay on top of your preparation at all times.

Strengthen your Basics:

Understand the basic concept of all subjects rather than memorize them. Make sure you understand the logic, recognize shortcuts, and work through plenty of problems as you prepare for math. Be updated on daily events while preparing for General studies. Pay close attention to tenses, prepositions, conjunctions, nouns, direct and indirect speech, and active passive voice.

Concentrate on Planning:

The majority of aspirants will read the entire book. Because you do not comprehend the concept you are memorizing, refrain from doing this. Asking yourself what you read will help you avoid having to do everything after reading for 40 minutes. You will feel more confident after doing this than you did before.

You are building a notion in your head; after reading for 30 to 40 minutes, take a brief break (5 minutes), perhaps going for a short stroll or sipping some water. You are attempting to read for one or two hours without stopping; do not do this as you will forget and experience mental stress. Spend at least 10 minutes a day in meditation to make your thoughts clear and light.

Refer to Standard Study Material:

You must place more emphasis on quality than quantity. Instead of referring to multiple books, concentrate on reading one book repeatedly. Take an ordinary book and read it several times. It will make the idea clear to you.

Please keep in mind that competitive exams are application tests, not theory tests, of your knowledge. Read and comprehend to appropriately apply. The most crucial part of your preparation is the application.

Revision, Revision, Revision

Revision is the most crucial component of your planning. Nobody can possibly learn everything by attending class just once. Multiple changes will help with application and retention. Failures are inevitable, but it’s crucial to keep trying despite them. Even if you stumble once or twice, if you persist, you will eventually succeed.

Take mock tests on a regular basis. Understanding your degree of preparation in comparison to the other competitors is crucial. You can use it to get ready for the big test.

Self-assessment and regular practice

Your exam preparation should include a thorough self-evaluation. Regularly evaluating yourself will help you identify your weaknesses and places for improvement.

Examine them yourself after thorough practice with mock tests and question papers from prior years. This will assist you in correcting your errors and illuminating the areas in which you misunderstood the question. Imagine writing the test while seated in the examination room and attempting to finish it within the allotted time. While taking competitive exams this technique will boost your confidence and reduce exam stress.

Several General Tips

Here are a few pointers and techniques for preparing for competitive exams:

  • Examine the syllabus completely.
  • Spend more time in weaker sections.
  • Follow strict timetable
  • Take breaks.
  • Consume a nutritious, balanced diet.
  • Make notes using flowcharts, tables, graphs, or other visual tools.

Timetable for Preparing for Competitive Exams

A proper schedule is necessary if you want to properly study for a competitive exam and make the best use of your time. The amount of time left before the exam will have a big impact on the schedule.

  • Give yourself 45 minutes to study, followed by a 15-minute break.
  • Initially, test your performance to determine where you stand.
  • Next, focus on your weak areas of study.
  • Give them half of your study time.
  • Choose the other half to improve on what you already know.
  • Make sure you get enough rest and breaks.

Hopefully, these techniques will help you to perform well on upcoming competitive exams. If you are still unsure about the exam, get in touch with Oliveboard. The counsellors will help you come up with a solid strategy to ace it.

Frequently Asked Question:

Can I pass a competitive exam without coaching?

Every competitive exam, including government exams, is about strategy and execution; if you can develop a strategy and put it into action, you can pass the exam without coaching. So trust yourself and the power of self-study.

Which government exam is the easiest to pass?

List of the Easiest Government Exams in India.
1. Group D of the RRB.
2. The RRB NTPC.
3. SSC Multitasking Personnel.

How can I study for government exams at home?

Candidates can prepare for government exams at home without enrolling in a coaching institute by devoting 5 to 6 hours per day to self-study, purchasing the best books, attending online free classes, and solving mock tests and previous year question papers, which are easily available online in Oliveboard.

How to begin preparation for a competitive exam?

A candidate must first go through the selection process and exam pattern of the exam, followed by the syllabus, before beginning competitive exam preparation. In case of doubt, they can also seek offline or online assistance.


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