The Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary Booster 27 August 2019

Reading the daily Editorial be it of any newspaper, is very beneficial not only for Vocabulary building but also gives you useful insights on the day to day happenings in the world. So, here we are with the today’s dose of daily vocabulary from the Editorial section of the Hindu Newspaper. You can read the Editorial here. In this blog “Daily Vocabulary 27 August 2019″, we have taken difficult words, explained their meanings with synonyms, antonyms and correct usage. Go through them below.

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The Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary 27 August 2019


Meanings & Synonyms



Augurs To be a sign of especially good or bad things in the future;

Bode, Foreshadow, Portend, Presage

Assure, Calculate, Demonstrate, Determine, Establish The company’s sales figures for the first six months augur well for the rest of the year.
Discernible Able to be discerned; Perceptible, Visible, Detectable, 

Noticeable, Perceptible, Observable

Imperceptible There is no discernible reason why this should be the case.
Dismantle Take a machine or structure to pieces;

Pull to pieces, Deconstruct, Disassemble, Break up

Assemble, Build She dismantled the washing machine to see what the problem was but couldn’t put it back together again.
Emphatically In a forceful way;

Without doubt;


Non-assertive, Nonemphatic The minister has issued an emphatic rejection of the accusation.
Ferocious Savagely fierce, cruel, or violent;

Fierce, Savage, Wild, Feral, Untamed

Tame, Gentle She’s got a ferocious temper.

We hope that you find the blog “Daily Vocabulary 27 August 2019 and its contents beneficial. Stay-tuned to Oliveboard for more such articles. 

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