Different Bank Positions – Job Profile, Salary Details

The banking sector is one of the most sought-after professions in the country. The perks of working as a Govt. bank employee are many, which is why lakhs of aspiring candidates appear for banking entrance exams every year. The exams are conducted for different bank positions and each position offers a unique job profile, a handsome salary and several other benefits.

4 Different Bank positions

Before applying for Government jobs in banks, candidates must have a fair idea about the different bank positions and salary. Here is a list of important banking posts, for which yearly exams are conducted-

1. Assistant Manager

Job Profile-

  • As an Assistant Manager, you will be working on various programmes and policies mandated by the State/Central Govt. related to rural development and agriculture.
  • The probationary period for the Assistant Manager post if 2 years. The probation period can be extended further for 1 year at the most, at the bank’s discretion.
  • Candidates are liable to be posted anywhere in India but the postings are usually limited to state capitals only.


  • The basic pay for the post of Grade-A Assistant Manager is Rs.28150 per month in the scale of 28150-1550(4)-34350-1750(7)-4660-EB-1750(4)-53600-2000(1)-55600.
  • The in-hand salary of Assistant Manager at present is Rs.61000 per month.
  • Assistant Managers are eligible for Local Compensatory Allowance, Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Leave Travel Concession, Festival Allowance etc.

2. Manager

Job Profile-

  • The job role involves maintaining customer relationships, approving loans, monitoring accounting procedures, coordinating with different departments, and facilitating inter-departmental assignments.


  • The basic pay for the post of Grade-B Manager is Rs.35150 per month in the scale of 35150-1750(9)-50900-EB-1750(2)-54400-2000(4)-62400.
  • The in-hand salary of Manager at present is Rs.66864 per month.
  • Candidates get the same allowances as Assistant Managers.

3. Probationary Officer

Job Profile-

  • The job profile involves managerial tasks- managing cash, supervising clerical work, processing and approving loans.
  • The probation period is 2 years.


  • The initial basic pay for Probationary Officers is Rs.27620 in four increments. The pay scale is Rs.23700-980/7-30560-1145/2-32850-1310/7-42020.
  • Employees are eligible for Dearness Allowance, Travelling Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Medical Insurance etc.

4. Clerical

Job Profile-

  • The job role of a bank clerical is not limited to one particular type of duty. The major responsibilities of a bank clerk involve verifying bank documents, issuing cash receipts, attending to Govt. treasury work.
  • As a bank clerk, you will be responsible for sanctioning and verifying cheques, and issuing demand drafts as per the request of the customer.
  • In today’s digital age, the job profile of a bank clerk is closely related to working on computers and computing data and carrying out day-to-day transactions.


  • The basic pay for the Bank Clerk post is Rs.11765 per month in the scale of 11765-655(3)-13730-815/3-16175980/4-20095-1145/7-28110-2120/1-32030-1310/1-31540.
  • Bank clerks get Rs.23115 in-hand salary.
  • Employees are entitled to receive Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, City Compensatory Allowance, and Transport Allowance.

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The above is the most prestigious and renowned positions for Government jobs in banks. The salary is lucrative and the benefits are most tempting. Keep in mind that for each post, entrance exams are held separately each year. In order to crack the banking entrance exams, candidates need to secure the minimum cut-off mark in each stage. Watch out for latest bank exam notification to get the details of different banking exam pattern and syllabus.

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