English Simplified – Best English Language Book by Oliveboard

The English language is a common section in almost all the banking and government exams. It is one of the most important sections that can fetch you full marks. But, how can we ensure that? Well, a guided approach could help you ace this section. We at Oliveboard have consistently worked towards better learning and providing a great experience. In continuation of this endeavor, we have brought English Simplified – Best English Language book by Oliveboard.

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This book is designed with the purpose of providing your preparation a one-stop solution.

Let’s read ahead to know more about the book and its content.

1. English Simplified – English Language Book For All Bank & Govt. Exams

  • With immense fervor, we present this all-inclusive and thoroughly updated book on the English Language, that will cover the complete preparation right from the basics to advanced level.
  • The book is a brainchild of Oliveboard’s expert content creators and an initiative in providing a comprehensive book on English to help all Exam Aspirants reach their goals.
  • Earnest efforts have been made to keep the contents of the book as relevant as possible.
  • The subject-matter of the book has been drafted keeping in mind the needs of a beginner, giving complete clarity on the concepts and a vast array of practice questions ranging from the simplest of the questions to the most advanced level Questions.

The book has been divided into four broad sections:

• Section I – Pieces of Grammar Lego 

This section makes the rules of English Grammar crystal clear.

Section II – Grammar in Action

 This section includes solved examples and practice questions on frequently asked topics like Error spotting, Sentence Improvement & Sentence Joining.

• Section III  – Comprehending Comprehensions

This section makes you better at understanding how to approach long passages to the extent of inferring data not stated directly in the passages and then attempting questions based on them. Here you will find topics like Reading Comprehensions, Para jumbles, Cloze tests, Fillers, and Similar meaning sentences.

• Section IV – Fluent Vocabulary 

This section helps you master English Vocabulary. Whether be it understanding synonyms and antonyms of tricky words, or the correct usage of words and their spellings, or understanding and learning various idioms and phrases. This section will cover all these with the help of practice exercises.

The book has been designed keeping in view the needs of an aspirant for the English language preparations for the exam.

2. English Simplified Book – Complete Features

  1. It covers all the important topics of the English Language.
  2. Will be a one-stop solution for the preparation of all kind of English topics.
  3. The practice questions covered are across the levels i.e. Easy, Moderate, Difficult.
  4. Will be beneficial for English preparation of prelims level as well as the mains level of the Examination.
  5. The concepts are clarified using solved examples.
  6. Provides a detailed approach to the solution of each question.
  7. Focusses on advanced level questions and all the new pattern type questions.
  8. Gives an array of a vast variety of practice questions with solutions.

2.1 How to Grab Your Copy of English Simplified?

Get your copy of the Oliveboard’s English Simplified from the Amazon using the link below.


Order your copy and get the launch discount! The book is currently available at the price of 395/- INR.

English Language Book

3. Best English Language Book for Bank & Government Exams – FAQs

1. Does the Book include Mains questions as well?

Ans: Yes. The Book has been designed for both Prelims & Mains with practice questions covering all the Prelims pattern questions as well as mains.

2. Is the Book available for purchase now?

Ans: Yes, it is available for purchase now. Follow the link to purchase

3. What is the standard delivery time?

Ans: Standard delivery takes between 5-7 working days after you have made the purchase.

4. Can I download the book online?

Ans: Currently, English Simplified is available only in printed form and cannot be downloaded online.

That will be all from us in this article. Get your copy of the best English language book for the bank and government exam preparations. Order your copy now and avail the launch discount.

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