French Election Results 2022 | Emmanuel Macron Wins – All you need to know

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France Election 2022The French President Emmanuel Macron defeats Marine Le Pen for President in the final vote and will serve another term as President of France. The French President Emmanuel Macron won 58.6% of the votes, while Le Pen, who improved performance in 2017, lags behind by 41.5%. 

About Emmanuel Macron 

France Election 2022 made the French President Emmanuel Macron the eighth President of France’s Fifth Republic.

On April 6, 2016, he created the movement “En Marche!” and served as its leader until his victory in the presidential election on May 7, 2017.

Emmanuel Macron was born in the Somme department of France in December 1977. He studied philosophy before going on to the Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA), where he received his diploma in 2004.

After that, Emmanuel Macron worked for four years at the Inspectorate General of Finance before moving into the banking industry.

He was appointed Deputy General Secretary of the Republic’s Presidency in 2012. He left office in July 2014, and from August 2014 until August 2016, he was the Minister of Economy, Industry, and Digital Affairs.

The France Election 2022

The France Election 2022 :The political situation in France, which has historically been dominated by centre-right conservatives and centre-left socialists, has undergone major changes. And the far right populists, with their cocktail of anti establishment welfarism and anti immigrant rhetoric, seem to be better equipped to tap this anger than the leftists. The surge of the far right and leftist candidates suggests that there is widespread voter anger towards the establishment. Going forward, his biggest challenge would be to reach out to the disaffected sections of society, address the growing anger in the underbelly of the working classes, and build credible alternatives to the farright problem. In his victory speech, The French President Emmanuel Macron admitted that there is growing anger among sections of the voters towards the political establishment and promised to tackle it.

The France Election 2022 and the reelection of Emmanuel Macron in the presidential election on April 24th brings relief not just to France’s political centrists, but also to its European and American friends. The election took place in the midst of a crisis: high inflation; Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which pushed France to consider imposing sanctions on Moscow even if it meant paying higher electricity bills; and growing political disillusionment among the country’s youth. The far-right had risen to its highest ever levels in the first round, with Marine Le Pen and Éric Zemmour each receiving greater than 30% of the vote. Despite this, Mr. Emmanuel Macron won the run-off with 58.5 percent of the vote to Ms. Le Pen’s 41.5 percent, demonstrating that the centre can still triumph in France.

The banker-turned-politician, who rose to prominence five years ago as a surprise champion of French Republican traditions in the face of a rise in far-right populism, has once again managed to rouse the anti-populist camp. He campaigned on three primary themes: his administration’s economic performance, defense of Republican ideals in France, and support for European sovereignty. While his attack on Ms. Le Pen as a threat to French Republican values and the tough stance he took on Ukraine helped him mobilize the liberal, center-right, and pro-European sections of the electorate, his attack on Ms. Le Pen as a threat to French Republican values and the tough stance he took on Ukraine helped him project a convincing macroeconomic picture.

Melenchon urged members not to vote for Marine Le Pen, but for Emmanuel Macron this support is more vague than he wanted. In the election on Sunday, April 24, one of the first two candidates from the first vote on April 10 will be decided by the final vote. For most of the campaigns, the incumbent French President Emmanuel Macron seemed to easily win the second round. The final vote determines a simple majority of valid votes. If one of the candidates gets more votes than the other, he will be elected. And his main challenger comes from the far right with roots in anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. Ms. Le Pen may not be strong enough, as of now, to capture power, but she was strong enough to pose a credible challenge to The French President Emmanuel Macron. 

How is the President of the Republic of France elected?

French elect president every five years. The election system that France follows is the Two-Round System is most famous in France, where it is employed in presidential, legislative, and regional elections. The system is used by at least 40 countries to elect their presidents.

French citizens over the age of 18 can walk under certain conditions. Incumbents can only run for reelection once every five years. To qualify to vote as presidential candidate, the candidate collects the signatures of 500 elected civil servants from at least 30 French provinces or foreign territories. Each registered voter will receive an envelope by mail containing each official candidate’s platform and as many ballots (small papers with the candidate’s name) as there are candidates. The two-round system of electing a president in France is unparalleled in North America and rare in Western Europe.

Voters choose the ideal candidate (more or less) in the ballot box on the first Sunday. The run-off determines the winner between the two finalists who won the most votes in the first round. The French President Emmanuel Macron stopped this abuse with his own up-and-coming party, LREM.

Candidates who make up the absolute majority of the votes are selected. Blank or invalid votes are not considered. The president is elected by the Constitution after the results are announced 

Council within 10 days. It can be renewed once for a period of 5 years. * In the United States, the first and second rounds take place one day in advance.


Q. Who won the France Election 2022?

A. Emmanuel Macron won the France Election 2022

Q. Which party does Emmanuel Macron belong to?

A. La République En Marche!, sometimes called simply En Marche! as its original name, is a liberal political party in France.

Q. Who founded La République En Marche Party in France?

A. Emmanuel Macron is the founder of La République En Marche!