How to ace EPFO EO General Mental Ability Section

The Union Public Service commission (UPSC) had announced the recruitment notification of Enforcement Officer (EO) in Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). The Recruitment process is a two stage process, one is Recruitment test (RT) and the other one is Interview. The one who qualifies RT will be shortlisted for interview. It is an excellent opportunity for the job aspirants. This article will give you a detailed view regarding the General Mental Ability section of EPFO EO Recruitment test and will also discuss some sample questions of this section.

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Details of General Mental Ability section:

The Recruitment Test (duration 2 hours) will consist of 100 questions. General Mental Ability section is a scoring section for aspirants so read through the article to know more about it.

Marking scheme: For every correct answer you will score +1 mark and for every wrong answer (1/3) mark will be deducted. No marks will be awarded for unanswered questions.

Pattern and Syllabus:

The questions in General Mental Ability section is mainly based on the mentioned topics:

  • Syllogisms
  • Visual Reasoning
  • Paper-cutting and folding
  • Data sufficiency
  • Analogy
  • Puzzles
  • Direction and Distance
  • Blood relations
  • Series
  • Statement and Reasoning

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How to Approach the General Mental Ability section:

  • For the General mental Ability section the questions vary from easy to moderate level only. So you can score the good marks by planning your preparation well.
  • Firstly, Go through the detailed syllabus and previous papers. Analyse the questions and its level of questions in the exam and also analyse the questions from which important topics that are frequently appeared in the exam.

Get the detailed syllabus here.

  • Attempt the mock tests and analyse your weak spots and strong areas in the section. Make your Preparation strategy and allot more time to prepare the weak areas concepts and also do practice the questions from strong area chapters. This will make you score high.
  • Time Management is the most important thing you have to follow. Focus on improving the speed of attempting the questions to ace the exam. Try not to give more than one minute to any question.
  • To Improve the speed try to practice as many questions as possible. For this section, the more you practice the more accuracy you will get and also you will get high score in this section.
  • Practice more puzzles to improve your speed in puzzle solving.
  • Make the flow chart of blood relations for easily learning

Points to Remember while attempting the exam:

  • Don’t Restrict yourself to a particular question and don’t spend the more time for that question. Go on solving other questions to save your time and if the time left at last then come back to the question which you previously stopped.

Time is most valuable and precious one in our life”.

  • For General mental Ability section, Option elimination technique is a fruitful technique that you can solve the questions of Analogy within seconds.
  • Don’t express your personal bias for solving of Statements and Interference questions.
  • Focus on examiners point of view and carefully draw the conclusions and answer the statement and reasoning questions and syllogisms.

Practice Questions of General mental Ability section:

  1. Which one of the following is the image of the object in the mirror?

2. Teja showed a photograph to his friend and told “ This man in photograph is the son-in-law of my wife’s mother-in-law” How Teja related to that man in the photograph?

a) Brother

b) Brother-in-law

c) Nephew

d) None of these

  1. Which one of the following diagram is most appropriate to the statement,

“Uranium is either found in Jharkhand or in Andhra Pradesh”

Answer key: 1. (a) 2. (b) 3. (d)

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