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The geography UPSC notes PDF for Civil Services Exam are available in PDF format below. Both the UPSC Prelims and UPSC Mains Syllabus include geography (GS I). In addition, in the IAS Mains test, Geography is an optional subject. Students find it difficult to get through the broad syllabus of this very important and scoring topic, which makes it a challenge for IAS aspirants.


In the Civil Services Exam Prelims, geography is a big portion of the General Studies Paper (Paper 1 for 200 points). Questions from Indian and World Geography – Physical, Social, and Economic Geography of India and the World – will be included in this paper. To do well on the Geography questions in Paper 1, you must have a thorough understanding of Indian and global geography (General Studies). The discipline’s semi-scientific character makes it both scoring and adaptive for candidates from various educational levels. In general research, this is the sole choice having the most weight (Main & Prelims).

We have compiled geography UPSC notes pdf in the below table.

Physical GeographyFree PDF
Volcanism Notes PDFClick here
Interior of the Earth PDFClick here
The Earth & The Universe PDFClick here

UPSC MCQs Practice Questions

We’ve compiled UPSC NCERT MCQs, UPSC MCQs Practice Questions for you. You can read the NCERT Geography UPSC Notes PDF and attempt these questions. Post your scores here.

(i)Which one of the following earthquake waves is more destructive?

(a) P-waves

(b) Surface waves

(c) S-waves

(d) None of the above

(ii) Which one of the following is a direct source of information about the interior of the earth?

(a) Earthquake waves

(b) Gravitational force

(c) Volcanoes

(d) Earth magnetism

(iii) Which type of volcanic eruptions have caused Deccan Trap formations?

(a) Shield

(b) Composite

(c) Flood

(d) Caldera

(iv) Which one of the following describes the lithosphere:

(a) upper and lower mantle

(b) crust and core

(c) crust and upper mantle

(d) mantle and core

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Geography UPSC Notes PDF

The Earth’s Movement – Geography UPSC Notes PDF

  • Earth’s movements caused many phenomenon like day and night and season changes.
  • When it rotates on its axis, it causes day and night.
  • Earth revolves around sun at a speed of 18.5 miles per second.
  • Revolution causes-
    • Varying lenghts of day and night
    • Change in the altitude of midday sun
    • Seasonal changes and change in temperature


As we know that geography is an important subject with respect to UPSC exams, therefore, we have updated every important topic for geography. It will boost your performance and level up your preparation as well. Follow the same blog daily and get the latest content on a regular basis. All the best!


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