How Many Forms Filled in SSC MTS 2023

Total Form Fill in SSC MTS 2023

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) released the SSC MTS and Havaldar 2023 recruitment notification, inviting candidates to fill application forms for 1,198 MTS and 360 Havaldar vacancies. The response was overwhelming, with a total of 2,609,777 forms filled. In this article, we delve deeper into this data to understand the implications and analyze the selection ratio for these prestigious positions.

1. The Significance of 2,609,777 Forms Filled

The staggering number of forms filled highlights the immense popularity and interest among candidates for the SSC MTS and Havaldar positions. It reflects the aspirants’ determination to secure a government job and the recognition of SSC’s credibility in the recruitment process. The competition is undoubtedly fierce, indicating that candidates need to put in extra effort to stand out from the large pool of applicants.

2. Vacancies and Selection Ratio

The SSC MTS offers 1,198 vacancies, while the Havaldar position has 360 openings. With over 2.6 million applicants, the selection ratio stands at approximately 1 candidate selected for every 1,675 applicants. This ratio emphasizes the stiff competition in both categories, making it essential for candidates to excel in the recruitment stages to secure their desired position.

3. The Challenge of Selection

The 1/1675 selection ratio highlights the rigorous selection process of the SSC MTS and Havaldar exams. Aspirants must prepare meticulously for the written examination, physical efficiency tests, and other selection stages. Dedicated practice and a well-planned study strategy are imperative to outshine the competition.

4. Enhancing Exam Preparation

To succeed in this highly competitive scenario, candidates must adopt a structured approach to their preparation. Comprehensive study materials, regular mock tests, and time management practice are vital for gaining a competitive edge. Aspirants should focus on strengthening their weak subjects and stay updated with current affairs to excel in the general awareness section.

5. Importance of Perseverance

The immense number of applicants should not discourage candidates. Instead, they must remain persistent and stay committed to their preparation. Consistent hard work, self-belief, and a positive attitude are the keys to overcoming the challenges of the selection process.


The overwhelming response of 2,609,777 applicants for the SSC MTS and Havaldar positions in 2023 underscores the significance of government jobs in India. With the selection ratio at approximately 1/1675, aspirants must leave no stone unturned in their exam preparation. Through dedicated efforts, focus, and determination, candidates can navigate the competitive landscape and secure a coveted position in the SSC MTS and Havaldar recruitment process. The journey may be arduous, but with the right mindset and preparation, success is well within reach.


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