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Prepare for SSC CGL with Full-Time Job

SSC released the SSC CGL notification on 3rd April 2023. The Tier-I examination was conducted from 14th July to 27th July 2023. Soon, the main examination will be conducted for the qualified candidates. Your preparation must be in full swing currently. With the vast syllabus, changed pattern, and high competition, working professionals have an additional problem of availability of time. With more than 9-10 hours being spent in the office or at work, is it really possible for working professionals to prepare for SSC CGL? It is absolutely possible. Go through the complete blog to get tips and strategies to help you prepare for SSC CGL with a full-time job.

Tips to Prepare for SSC CGL with a Full-Time Job

The main challenge for working professionals is paucity of time. Check the following tips to help you manage your preparation.

Make a Good Study Plan

With the scarcity of time, ensure you plan your studies ahead. A good study plan will give you time to complete your studies and help you revise for the SSC CGL exam. It will help you visualize the entire preparation and make you understand how much time you need to prepare for each topic.

Go through Previous Year’s Question Papers

Going through the previous year’s question papers will help you get an idea of the type of questions that will be asked in the exam and their difficulty levels. This will save you a lot of time as you can eliminate a lot of unnecessary topics that are not needed.

Analyse Topic-Wise Weightage

By analyzing the topic-wise weightage you can finish studying those topics that carry a lot of weightage. This way even if you miss your studies for a few days, you will be able to cover up your scores in the topics that carry a lot of marks.

Wake up Early

With regular job timings (Day shift), work doesn’t begin until 9 – 10 am. Wake up early to make full use of the few hours before you leave for work. Try to learn new topics as your concentration is the highest in the morning. Try to study General Awareness and memorize important formulas during this time. You can even attempt a mock test whenever possible.

Travel Time

If you are someone who travels a lot for work, you must be tempted to read while you travel especially if you travel by public transport. Avoid this as much as possible as you will strain your eyes. Try to listen to an online class or preparation tips and avoid studying as much as possible.

Evening Preparation

Try to cover reasoning and quantitative aptitude after work. Make it your goal not to go to sleep without studying at least for half an hour. In general, if you reach home by 8.30-9, try to study for 2 hours which will give you ample time to either give a mock test or prepare for some difficult topic.

Weekend Preparation

With 2 whole days at your disposal, try to study for 8-10 hours each day so you can get 20 hours of study time and cover up your week’s preparation. Analyze your week’s preparation, see if it was up to the mark, and check which areas you need to improve. Attempt Mock Tests and analyze them to get an idea of where you lack. You can even attempt sectional tests and topic tests.

Prepare in Between Work

As a working professional, your job is hectic. Even then, you can set aside some time to prepare for SSC CGL during the breaks – coffee/tea break, lunch, and a few minutes in between your assignments or meetings. Does this really help? Learning in bits will help you cover those topics that need revision. Going through the formulas or facts over and over again will help you recollect them faster and ensure you make full use of your time. You can download the Oliveboard app so you can make full use of the few minutes you are able to steal in your day. During this time, you can focus on the English language and prepare for one-word substitution, idiom phrases, Synonyms, and Antonyms or quant formulas. Make it a point of doing it daily.

Prepare Difficult Topics First

As you analyzed the topic-wise weightage, first choose the topics that carry more marks. For the Quant section, Mensuration, Algebra, Trigonometry, and Geometry are very scoring but require time to solve questions. Learn tips and tricks to solve these difficult quant topics. With English and Reasoning as well, try to finish the topics that carry more marks first even if they are difficult. This will help you remain stress-free as the exam nears.

Attempt as many Mock Tests as Possible

With less time available at your disposal, you cannot spend too much time on individual lessons. Attempt as many mock tests as possible and analyze them. identify the areas where you lack and focus more on those topics. This will make your study strategy more exam-oriented and help you improve your scores as and when you keep attempting more mock tests.

This was all from our end as to how to prepare for SSC CGL with a full-time job. Keep checking Oliveboard for the latest updates about SSC CGL.

We hope this blog gave you a better understanding of How to prepare for the SSC CGL with the Full-time Job. To read more such blogs, visit the Oliveboard website!


Prepare for SSC CGL with a Full-Time job – FAQs

What are tips for working professionals for SSC CGL preparation?

Make a good study plan
Go through previous year’s question papers
Analyse topic-wise weightage
Make time before, after, and breaks during work
Attempt as many mock tests as possible

When is the SSC CGL Tier-2 exam?

SSC CGL Tier-2 is expected to be conducted in October 2023.

What is the best strategy to prepare for SSC CGL while working?

Check the blog above to know how to study for SSC CGL while working


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