How to Prepare for SBI PO and SBI Clerk Online?

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” For any plans to work out, one needs to take a step forward and start towards achieving it. And they say well begun is half done. Begin with optimism and you are halfway through. The same applies when one is targeting a competitive exam be it Bank Exams, Railways Exams, SSC Exams or any other. Reading daily without fail and reading the right study materialpracticing enough, learning the right techniquespracticing under the guidance of expert & experienced guides are the things an aspirant needs to do to get through and finally land his/her dream job

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In this age of fast internet speeds and loads of data available under affordable prices, more often than not aspirants prefer to study at home with the help of Online classes, Online Live Practice Sessions, Online Study Material, Free Quizzes, Mock Tests etc. If you are one among these, then you are reading the right article. As the SBI Clerk notification is already out and SBI PO notification is expected around April 2020, we will discuss in this article on the strategy around “How to Prepare for SBI PO and SBI Clerk from Home?” 

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How to Prepare for SBI PO and SBI Clerk from Home?

Follow this step strategy to get through the Exams in your very first attempt.

Remember the mantra for successful preparation strategy:

Step 1

“Build Concepts (Using Basic Books & Online Classes)”

Step 2

“Practice Daily (Extensive Practice using Online Classes & Live Practice Sessions)”

Step 3

“Revise Weekly (Revise the concepts using your notes)”

Step 4

“Give 1 Mock Test per week”

Step 5

“Spend time on Mock Test Analysis”

Step 6

“Strengthen your strengths and improve on your weaknesses.”

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Let us dive deep into the details of the above-given steps.

Step 1 & Step 2

Build Concepts and Practice Daily

For building your basics (fundamental concepts) either you can refer books or choose the online classes which are interactive as you get to learn from the expert faculty.

They explain the concepts and make you practice a wide variety of questions along with short-tricks (quick techniques) so that the concepts are crystal clear in your heads and you are able to solve the questions in the least time possible.

Remember in competitive exams, speed is crucial and it matters how many questions you are able to attempt in the stipulated time. 

A brief overview of the Oliveboard’s Online Classes & Live Practice Sessions

Oliveboard SBI PO Cracker 2020 is an SBI PO online coaching which is a comprehensive mix of courses that will meet every single user’s learning requirements comprising of Online Classes & Live Practice Sessions. 

SBI Clerk Online Video Course comprising of Live Practice SessionsVideo lessons which will equip you with the requisite understanding on topics from Quant, Reasoning and English for the SBI Clerk exam.

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Let us have a brief overview of the Live Practice Sessions.

What are these and how to attend them?

The Live Practice Session is a live test where you compete with your peers. It is a unique game-like concept by Oliveboard where you will

  • Have questions spanning over the entire syllabus

  • Answer questions within the stipulated time

  • Get detailed solutions and Get Feedback from Top Faculty

  • Leaderboard gives you the rank – Live Practice Session with Live Ranking

  • The faster you give the correct answer, the more points you get – Chat & Compete with aspirants in a gamified environment. Solve Questions along with hundreds of aspirants

Join the Puzzle, Quants & English LPS for SBI PO here

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Step 3


Revision for Quants (Numerical Ability), Reasoning, English will require continuous practice while for the General Awareness section you can download our GK App for your Daily and Monthly current affairs dose

Some Preparation & Revision Tips

Always remember practice is the key. Extensive practise of any topic gives you the expertise of that topic and thus help you in solving it in no time. 

Visit Oliveboard Youtube Channel for Free Lectures for Quants, Reasoning, English and General Awareness.

While practising, you can simultaneously take Topic Tests and Sectional Tests that you know where you are lacking in your preparation, thereafter improve upon them and finally score better. 

Some Free Resources to Refer to Basic Rules and Quick Calculation Techniques.

Reasoning Ability – Free Resources

Quants/Numerical Ability Preparation – Free Resources

General, Financial & Economic Awareness – Free Resources

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Step 4 & Step 5

Give 1 Mock Test per week & Spend time on Mock Test Analysis

1. Toppers who have excelled in these competitive exams have always emphasized on taking a quality Mock Test Series and take these tests as if you are taking up a real exam.

2. Mock Tests give you a feel of the exam by asking the questions in the exact same pattern as the real exam. You learn to manage time and devise your strategy as to which questions to be attempted first and which ones are to be attempted in the end. It also makes you solve an array of questions of varying difficulty levels so that you get attuned to them and be able to solve them in the Exam with ease. 

3. Do take up a Mock Test Series and take timely tests giving requisite importance to the analysis of the test as well. This analysis exercise will help you recognise your strengths and weaknesses and at the same time, Oliveboard analytics feature would suggest you on how to improve upon them thus bettering your scores. 

SBI PO Test Series

Check out the SBI PO Test Series

SBI Clerk Test Series

Check out the SBI Clerk Test Series Here

Step 6 

Strengthen your strengths and improve on your weaknesses.

In this process of preparation, you will understand your strengths as to where you performed excellently and which areas require your immediate attention. Give proper time and attention to these areas as move forward as you keep overcoming your weaknesses.

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So, this was all from us in this blog of “How to Prepare for SBI PO and SBI Clerk from Home?”

We sincerely hope that you will like the content and suggestions given in here in this blog. For all the other exam-related queries, exam updates and study material, keep following Oliveboard. 

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