IBPS Clerk Preparation Strategy – 2019

The most awaited notification IBPS Clerk Notification is live for this year and the number of vacancies announced this time will motivate you to prepare more and score good. The important points to keep in mind before starting the IBPS Clerk Prep are – exam pattern, thorough analysis of last year exams, and concurrent preparation approach for Prelims and Mains. Every year aspirants are increasing for this post and only a few of them make it to the selection process, hence thorough practice is the only key to reach the end. In this blog, we will be discussing the preparation strategy for the exam. Before moving to IBPS Clerk Preparation Strategy 2019 let’s just have a look through the exam pattern.

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IBPS Clerk Preparation Strategy 2019

Prelims Exam Pattern:

1 English Language 30 30 20 min
2 Numerical Ability 35 35 20 min
3 Logical Reasoning 35 35 20 min
Total 100 100 60 min

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IBPS Clerk Mains Exam Pattern:

1 Reasoning Ability and Computer Aptitude 50 60 45 min
2 English Language 40 40 35 min
3 Quantitative Aptitude 50 50 45 min
4 General and Financial Awareness 50 50 35min
Total 190 200 160 min

In IBPS Clerk Exam you have to keep one thing in mind that you have to clear the sectional cut-offs as well as the overall cut-off to qualify for the next round.           

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IBPS Clerk Exam Syllabus

IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam Syllabus

English Language Logical Reasoning Numerical Ability
Vocabulary Syllogisms Simplification
Basic English Grammar Blood Relations Percentage
Comprehension Puzzles Average
Spotting errors Seating arrangement (Linear and Circular) Ratio and Proportion
Fillers- Single and Double Coding-Decoding Simple Interest and Compound Interest
Cloze Test Distance and Directions Profit and Loss
Synonyms/ Antonyms Coded and mathematical inequalities Time Speed and Distance
Idioms and Phrases Analogy / Classification Time and Work
One word substitution Ordering and Ranking Number Series
Odd One Out Double line up Number System
Sentence Improvement Input-Output Data Interpretation

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IBPS Clerk Mains Syllabus:

Quantitative Aptitude English Language General/Financial awareness Logical Reasoning Computer Aptitude
Simplification Reading Comprehension Static Awareness Syllogisms Basics of Computer
Number Series Para-jumbles Banking and financial awareness Blood Relations Operating System
Data Sufficiency Synonyms and Antonyms Banking/Financial Terms Puzzles Networking
Data Interpretation Sentence Correction Current Affairs Seating arrangement (Linear and Circular) MS Office applications
Quadratic Equation Cloze Test Coding-Decoding Internet and E-mail
Time, Distance & Work Fillers Distance and Directions Keyboard Shortcuts
Partnership Sentence Improvement Coded and mathematical inequalities Computer Hacking
Profit &Loss Idioms and Phrases Analogy / Classification Computer Abbreviations
Simple Interest and Compound Interest Vocabulary based questions Input/Output Computer Virus
Mixture & Allegations Word/phrase Replacement Statement and Assumptions Computer abbrevations
Percentage Odd one out Statement-Course of Action Computer Network-Types and Topology

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IBPS Clerk Preparation Strategy 2019 – Section-wise Strategy

IBPS Clerk Preparation Strategy 2019 – English Language:

  • Reading and writing play a crucial role in your IBPS Clerk Preparation. Read as much as you can an individual need to increase his or her reading speed. The English Language section, section requires a lot of reading.
  • A student can achieve good reading speed by reading different English newspaper daily and can mark and note upon the new word you have come across, or points about an important event. This reading should be performed on a daily basis.
  • For grammar section we have para jumbles, fill in the blanks, find error etc for this basic grammar rules should be clear and grammar rules should be strictly followed.
  • Cloze test is an integral part of the exam. Never overlook or ignore this portion as it can help you score 5-10 marks in the test. Just invest a day or two for practicing this part.
  • Having a good vocabulary is very important. Keep yourself updated with all the vocabulary tricks available online.

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IBPS Clerk Preparation Strategy 2019 – Numerical Ability

  • Begin your preparation from scratch. Allocate time to each and every section separately.
  • This section demands most of the time and effort from the candidate. Regular practice will give you command over the formulas and its application.
  • Start off with easy chapters and their questions and slowly, move on to more difficult and advanced chapters and their questions. Revision of questions you find difficult to answer is a must.
  • Focus on learning the shortcut tips and tricks formulas which will help in increasing efficiency and reducing time input.
  • The application of logic is very important throughout the chapters that are covered. Practice only will give you an edge.
  • Data interpretation is the application of all the chapters of the Numerical Ability so clear the topics and then go through them. It is the most scoring part.

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IBPS Clerk Preparation Strategy 2019 – Logical Reasoning

  • For logical reasoning understanding the logic behind the approach of the solution is most important when the logic is clear it means that there’s nothing left in the question.
  • The logical section demands regular practice of different kinds of patterns and arrangements these will help you broaden your visibility to capture the pattern that is considered.
  • Understanding the logic and developing good logic skills is the key point for this section.
  • Develop good logic skills by watching different conceptual videos provided by Oliveboard. Once you get to know the method then it will be very easy.
  • Time strategy for seating arrangement, puzzle etc should be developed as this section is all about time, develop speed and try to solve them in a very quick speed and practice various range of levels for this portion.

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 IBPS Clerk Preparation Strategy 2019 – General Tips

1. Take up Mock Tests. 

This will help you get used to the pressure of taking an exam and prepare you to face the challenges. You also need to assess your performance in the IBPS Clerk mock tests and work on your weak areas. Doing so, your score will increase with each test you take and by the time of the actual exam, you will be fully confident. Mock test play a crucial role in preparation and strategizing for the real exam. It gives a real-time scenario to you and mentally challenges you to be prepared. Accuracy and efficiency are 2 most important factors to be kept in mind for the exam which mocks help in achieving. After you take a mock, do a thorough analysis to understand what are your weaker sections and needs more practice.

2. Develop Interest in Reading. 

Reading habit is one which will give you an edge over others. Sections like English, Computer Aptitude and General Awareness would require extensive reading with a faster understanding and quick attempt to the question. Read newspaper, articles, novels for at least half an hour daily to analyze the reading speed and summarising the read pages.

3. Time Management. 

Time management will play a crucial role in clearing prelims as well as mains for IBPS PO. Time bounded practice will make you more efficient thus making you excel in realtime test situation. Accuracy is the key in IBPS Clerk exams. Attempting more questions in a shorter span of time will help in realizing a high score with more efficiency. Get into the habit of time management prior to the exam or else this may cause you to get distracted on the D day.

4. Study Plan

After familiarising yourself with the exam pattern the next step is to design a timetable that would help in aligning a systematic study schedule. Allocation of time slots should be more to the sections where you are weaker and less to the once where you have prior understanding. Keep making changes in the schedule as you approach the exams. Time allotment should be as per the requirement of practice.

5. Persistent Practice.

IBPS Clerk preparation requires extensive practice and the application of tricks and logics that are acquired with practice. It will help you in foraying the tricks on the fingertips which will eventually make the calculations faster and more efficient. Revise the questions and concept that you find hard

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This was all for today in this blog, hope this input will help you in your exam preparation. Stay tuned with Oliveboard for more such blogs.

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