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This is the New English Free Practice Quiz Series for the IBPS PO 2019 Main Exam preparation. Here we will provide our readers with 10 English practice questions covering different topics asked in the IBPS PO Main Examination. Answers for this free English Quiz are given at the end of this blog. Candidates are advised to first solve the questions themselves and then check their answers. So let us begin -:

English Free Practice Quiz 01 -: Questions

Directions for Questions 01 to 05: Each question below has two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

Q1) A controversial plan to build an immense dam in Brazil’s rain-forest was stalled when it _____ a formidable block of _____ in ecologists and indigenous tribes alike.
(1) resulted, hostilities
(2) gained, supporters
(3) attracted, opponents
(4) lead, protesters
(5) drew, proponents

Q2) According to a recent survey, sales figures of high-end cars have seen an _____ growth in the past year, which shows that Indian consumers have _______ the impact of recession.
(1) unprecedented, negated
(2) unbelievable, suffered
(3) unusual, worsened
(4) insignificant, endured
(5) adequate, proven

Q3) The National Knowledge Commission has said that India will have to bring ______ in education if it has to emerge as the most _______ workforce of the world.
(1) changes, biggest
(2) reforms, talented
(3) alleviation, skillful
(4) quality, brighter
(5) outcomes, demanded

Q4) Norway has stolen a march over other developed countries by _____ that it would reduce 40% of its greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 and ______ carbon neutral by 2030
(1) allowing, turn
(2) posing, grew
(3) estimating, exist
(4) perceiving, arising
(5) declaring, become

Q5) According to the language experts, children should begin talking in their mother tongue rather than a foreign language which can _______ affect their comprehension abilities leading to serious language-based _______ later in their lives.
(1) significantly, abilities
(2) appropriately, achievements.
(3) severely, advantages
(4) adversely, problems
(5) positively, issued

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Directions for Questions 06 to 10: In each of the following questions four words are given, of which two words are most nearly the same or opposite in meaning. Find the two words which are most nearly the same or opposite in meaning.

Q6) (A) instigate, (B) enquire, (C) construe, (D) interpret
(1) A-C
(2) A-B
(3) C-D
(4) B-D
(5) A-D

Q7) (A) superficial, (B) superfluous, (C) enlightened, (D) surplus
(1) A-C
(2) A-B
(3) B-C
(4) B-D
(5) A-D

Q8) (A) appalling, (B) sinister, (C) perturbed, (D) threatening
(1) A-B
(2) B-D
(3) A-C
(4) A-D
(5) D-C

Q9) (A) imprison, (B) torture, (C) excruciate, (D) extract
(1) B-D
(2) B-C
(3) A-B
(4) C-D
(5) A-C

Q10) (A) pertinent, (B) impolite, (C) irrelevant, (D) insecure
(1) A-C
(2) B-D
(3) C-D
(4) A-D
(5) B-C

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English Free Practice Quiz 01 -: Answer Key

Q1.              Q2.              Q3.              Q4.              Q5.              Q6.              Q7.              Q8.              Q9.              Q10.         
3 1 2 5 4 3 (Same) 4 (Same) 4 (Same) 2 (Same) 1 (Opposite)


That is all from us in today English Free Practice Quiz 01. Keep visiting this space for more free quizzes and practice questions for IBPS PO Mains Exam. All the best for your preparation.

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