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IBPS PO Interview Shift Timings

IBPS is soon expected to conduct the IBPS PO Interview 2024 for all the main qualified candidates. Candidates who will be appearing for the interview must be well aware of the interview shift timings and the procedure. The awareness about the timings will make candidates confident and calm during the interview. This blog will provide you with the IBPS PO Interview Shift Timings 2024 and the related details.

IBPS PO Interview Shift Timings 2024

Candidates who have cleared the IBPS PO Main examination must be curious to know the shift timings and other details of the interview. Each candidate is assigned an Interview Centre and the timings in their admit card. Two or three panels are assigned at the center for the candidates. The Interview timing is generally morning or evening. We have mentioned below the details of the morning and the evening shift for the candidates.

Morning and Evening Shifts

IBPS calls candidates for the interview and the timings are mostly 8:30 am or 1:30 pm. The Interview takes approximately time of 3-4 hours during which document verification, registration, and other procedures are also completed. However, the timings can also depend on the number of candidates and your place in the name list.

IBPS PO Interview Detailed Steps

Aspiring candidates must be aware of the detailed procedure of the IBPS PO Interview. We have mentioned below the details of the interview as per the experience of the candidates.

  • After the entry at the interview venue, document verification of the candidates is completed.
  • The Document Verification of all the candidates takes around 1 to 1 and half hours.
  • After verification, candidates are sent to the gates of their allocated panels.
  • After which, a personal interview is which generally takes from 10 to 30 minutes.

IBPS PO Interview Shift Timings – Things to Remember

  1. Admit Card and Documents:
    • Ensure you have your IBPS PO interview admit card and all necessary documents.
    • Double-check and organize your ID proof, educational certificates, and other relevant paperwork.
  2. Dress Professionally:
    • Dress in formal attire to create a positive first impression.
    • Pay attention to grooming and maintain a professional appearance.
  3. Punctuality Matters:
    • Aim to arrive at the interview venue well in advance.
    • Plan for potential delays and ensure you have enough time for any unexpected situations.
  4. Banking Awareness:
    • Stay updated on current affairs, especially those related to the banking sector.
    • Have a good understanding of recent economic developments and financial news.
  5. Understand the Job Role:
    • Familiarize yourself with the role of a Probationary Officer and the responsibilities it entails.
    • Be ready to discuss how your skills align with the requirements of the position.
  6. Stay Calm and Composed:
    • Manage stress and nervousness by practicing mindfulness techniques.
    • Take deep breaths if you feel anxious and maintain composure during the interview.
  7. Listen Carefully:
    • Pay close attention to the questions asked by the interview panel.
    • Take a moment to gather your thoughts before responding, and avoid interrupting the interviewer.
  8. Express Confidence:
    • Project confidence through your body language and tone of voice.
    • Maintain eye contact and speak clearly to convey your thoughts effectively.


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We hope this blog gave you a better understanding of the IBPS PO Interview Shift Timings 2023. To read more such blogs, visit the Oliveboard website!

IBPS PO Interview Shift Timings 2024 – Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What are the IBPS PO Interview Shift Timings 2024?

Ans. Candidates can check the IBPS PO Interview Shift Timings details mentioned in this blog.

Q.2 In how many shifts IBPS PO Interview is conducted?

Ans. Generally, IBPS PO Interview has a morning and an evening shift.


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