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Important English Practice Questions For SBI Clerk: Aiming to clear SBI Clerk 2022? Well, start your preparations by solving a few important questions. This blog will help you cover a few important as well as expected questions in this year’s SBI Clerk exam. This blog will focus on SBI Clerk English Questions for the 2022 exam. Let’s start with solving some interesting questions but, before that how about taking a free mock test? Know how much topper scored and get your ranking.

SBI Clerk English Questions – Previous years’ Paper Distribution

Let’s have a look at the SBI Clerk English questions distribution for 2021 exam. A total of 30 questions comprised of the following:

TopicsNo. of Questions Shift 1No. of Questions Shift 2Level
Reading Comprehension108Easy to Moderate
Cloze Test45Easy to Moderate
Error Detection65Easy
Para Jumbled (International Atomic Energy)55Easy to Moderate
Overall3030Easy to Moderate

Based on the given distribution let’s solve some sample questions. Attempt A Full Free Mock Test to get your ranking. Topper scored 26/30 in English Section, Think you can beat them?

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Directions (Q 1 to 5): In the following passage some words have been omitted and replaced by alphabetized blanks. Select the most appropriate option for each blank.

Flowers are feeling the heat as global warming is robbing them of their fragrance. The scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel have __________(A)that flowers are losing their fragrance because of a steady rise in temperature. According to a research conducted by Alon Can’ani, a PhD student at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, __________(B) in global climate is “interfering with plant-pollinator mutualism, an interaction facilitated mainly by floral color and scent”. The research was based on two varieties of Petunia plants – P720 and Blue Spark. They _____________(C) a decrease in floral scent production when their ambient temperature increased. Hence, there was a _____________(D) decrease in emission of scent compounds as well.This drop in the production of floral scent is the result of arrested expression and activity of proteins that help in the biosynthesis of the compounds. Can’ani, who did a research on control mechanisms that help plants to _____________(E)the process of scent emission, is now investigating a process called glycosylation.

Q1. Select the most appropriate option for blank A.

1) Guessed

2) Find

3) Establish

4) Found

5) Ignored

Correct Option: 4 

Q2. Select the most appropriate option for blank B.

1) Uniformity

2) Stability

3) Change 

4) Consistent 

5) Diversify

Correct Option: 3

Q3. Select the most appropriate option for blank C.


1) Hide 

2) Exhibition 

3) Views 

4) Showed 

5) Conceal

Correct Option: 4 

Q4. Select the most appropriate option for blank D.


1) Significant

2) Remark

3) Importantly 

4) Irrelevant

5) Significantly

Correct Option: 1

Q5. Select the most appropriate option for blank E.


1) Managed 

2) Regulate

3) Damage

4) Controls 

5) Displace

Correct Option: 2

Directions for Questions 5 to 10: Which of the words/phrases (1), (2), (3) and (4) given below each sentence should replace the word/ phrase printed in bold in the sentence to make it grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is given and no correction is required, mark (5) as the answer.

Q5) A lot of times we hear from actors that they regret the kind of roles they have been doing all this while, but this actor says he has never any regrets.

(1) never has have
(2) have never had
(3) has no
(4) has had
(5) No correction required

Correct Answer: Option 3

Q6) Slated to begin this year, the league could provide a so-needed boost to hockey in India.

(1) so-needful
(2) much-needy
(3) much-need
(4) much-needed
(5) No correction required

Correct Answer: Option 4

Q7) People discovered the alternate sources of energy when fossil fuel reserves starts to deplete.

(1) Start to deplete
(2) Starting to deplete
(3) Started to deplete
(4) Start with deplete
(5) No correction required

Correct Answer: Option 3

Q8) After enjoying one of the biggest successes of Indian cinema, the actor is pulled the brakes on his career.

(1) has putting brake
(2) has pulled the brakes
(3) is braking
(4) is put brakes
(5) No correction required

Correct Answer: Option 2

Q9) If the room had been brighter, I would have been able to read for a while before bedtime.

1. If the room was brighter
2. If the room is brighter
3. Had the room been brighter
4. No improvement

Correct Answer: Option 3


Want To practice more questions based on Phrase replacement? Take a complete quiz here and test your preparations.

That is all from us in this blog. The SBI Clerk English Questions mentioned here will give you a brief idea on the types of questions that can be asked in the SBI Clerk 2022 exam. Toppers who took this SBI Clerk English Questions test scored 26/30. Can you beat there score?


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