Indian Navy Ranks 2023, Check Indian Navy Officer Promotion System

Indian Navy Ranks

The Indian navy ranks establish a structure of leadership that identifies an Officer’s experience level, duty, and authority within the profession. A soldier’s rank is defined by their insignia, a distinguishing mark, and a badge of power and dignity. Knowing the Indian Navy ranks and insignia is essential if you are looking for a job or simply interested. 

Indian Navy Ranks Insignia

Let’s take a look at the Indian navy’s rank hierarchy, listed below.

RankBadge / Insignia
AdmiralAdmiral Badge Admiral Insignia
Vice AdmiralVice Admiral Badge Vice Admiral Insignia
Rear AdmiralRear Admiral Badge Rear Admiral Insignia
CommodoreCommodore Badge
CaptainLeading Rate Badge
CommanderCommander Badge
Lieutenant CommanderLieutenant Commander Badge
LieutenantLieutenant Badge
Sub LieutenantSub Lieutenant Badge
MidshipmanMidshipman Badge
  1. Admiral of the fleet: Admiral of the Fleet is the highest honorary five-star rank. A nobleman appointed by a monarch for great wartime usage was granted this title. This rank has yet to be awarded to an Indian Navy officer.
  1. Admiral: With a four-star rank, Admiral is the highest-ranking officer in the Indian Navy. Admiral, often known as the Chief of the Naval Staff.
  1. Vice Admiral: The Vice Chief of the Naval Staff (VCNS) is the next in line, and he is in charge of all naval-related operations. The Indian navy is divided into three commands, each of which is led by a vice admiral. The current Chief of Naval Staff is Vice Admiral Satish Namdeo Ghormade. On July 31, 2021, he assumed power.
  1. Rear Admiral: In the Indian navy, a Rear Admiral is a senior two-star naval commander. Rear Admirals lead the fleets of the Indian navy’s three commands.
  1. Commodore: A commodore is in charge of a fleet or squadron of ships part of a larger task force led by an admiral. Any officer appointed to command over one ship at a time is referred to as a “commodore.”
  1. Captain: The captain of the Indian navy is in charge of his squad of officers and sailors. In the Indian Army, this rank is equivalent to “Colonel,” while in the Indian Air Force, it is equivalent to “Group Captain.”
  1. Commander: The rank of the commander is prevalent among navy and air force officers. A commander can be in charge of a ship, submarine, air unit, or small shore operation in the Navy.
  1. Lieutenant Commander: A lieutenant commander is a senior staff officer responsible for the workforce, intelligence, missions, and logistics.
  1. Lieutenant: They are in charge of tactical surveillance teams & casualty situations, among other things.
  1. Sub- Lieutenant: It is the Indian navy’s lowest rank, mainly reserved for fresh recruits. They are in charge of the ship’s safety.

Ranks and Insignia of Junior Commissioned Officers in the Indian Navy

Master Chief Petty Officer Ist ClassMaster Chief Petty Officer Ist Class Badge
Master Chief Petty Officer IInd ClassMaster Chief Petty Officer IInd Class Badge
Chief Petty OfficerChief Petty Officer Badge
Petty OfficerPetty Officer Badge
Leading RateCaptain Insignia
Seaman Ist Class Missing (Update Soon)
Seaman 2nd Class Missing (Update Soon)

Junior Commissioned Officers are ranked below commissioned officers but above non-commissioned officers. They are in charge of training their juniors and leading and managing their respective sailor & officer divisions.

Indian Navy Ranks – Conclusion

We hope this article provided you with better knowledge and inspiration to join the Indian Navy.

Indian Navy RanksFAQs

Q1. What is the lowest Indian Navy Rank?

Ans. Seaman 2nd Class or Ordinary Seaman

Q2. I’m I eligible to join the Indian Navy after the 12th standard?

Ans. Yes, you are eligible to join the Indian Navy after the 12th standard.

Q3. How many Indian Navy Ranks are there?

Ans. Ten, for more information, please go through the article.

Q4. Which is the higher Indian Navy rank, vice-admiral or rear admiral?

Ans. The Vice-admiral is above the rear admiral.


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