Indian Army Uniforms that Candidate Have to Earn

Indian Army Uniforms

Indian Army Uniforms: The uniform of a soldier distinguishes them from civilians. These brave souls uphold a higher standard of ethics and morality. This is shown not just in their appearance but also in their behaviour, attitude, and clothing. Deserving and competent people must earn the Indian army uniform

Types of Indian Army Uniforms

The Indian army has various uniforms that are worn depending on rank, duty, and occasion. There are primarily eight types of uniforms, which we will go through in-depth.

Indian Army Uniform – Blue Patrol


This style of uniform is typically used during the winter months and for formal occasions. It is one of the classiest looking uniforms. The “Bandgala Coat” is the major feature of the blue patrol uniform. The shoulders are excellently crafted, and the soldiers’ rank is highlighted with needlework.

Indian Army Uniform – Ceremonials

These uniforms are created for special occasions such as martial ceremonies, funerals, guards of honour, wreath-laying, and so on.  The ceremonial uniform is worn with a neck scarf, cummerbund, badges, medals accompanied with dress 5SD during winter & half sleeves in the summer.

Indian Army Uniform – General Duty

As the name implies, these are the Indian army’s formal and on-duty uniforms. An Indian Army personnel’s general duty uniform is worn for most of their time in the army. General duty clothes vary by season. All level officers wear the classic Olive Green uniform throughout the summer.

The Indian army first wore the iconic olive green uniform in 2005. Officers wear a peach colour shirt, black tie, olive green blazer, and Barrett to feel warm and cosy in the winter. This uniform, commonly known as 5SD, is the most well-known army uniform among Indian civilians.

Indian Army Uniform – Black Uniforms

The colour of the uniform is sufficient to determine the weight it carries. Officers and soldiers of the Armoured Corps, the NSG, wear black uniforms. Only the most worthy, diligent, and brave officers in the Indian army are allowed to wear the black uniform. The protestors in the Indian Army are the guys in black. To earn this colour,  you must prove your worth.

Indian Army Uniform – Dungarees

Dungaree’s uniform is commonly worn by the Army Aviation Corps. When flying, the pilot and crews wear dungarees as their uniform. The dungarees’ uniform features their name and rank and the aircraft insignia with which they are linked. You must earn the Dungarees if you want to work as a pilot or member of aircrew in the Indian army.

Indian Army Uniform – Smocks

The Indian army’s superheroes are men in smocks. The smock is mainly given to the paratroopers, who are extremely competent men. In the Indian Army, smocks denote a prominent and respected position. Smocks are usually worked during the winter season.

Indian Army Uniform – Combats

This is the most well-known uniform among civilians. It has a forest camouflaged pattern to provide needed protection during warfare and to hide the adversary. Unlike the majority of the uniforms described above, combat does not have a seasonal outfit. In the winter, the same combat is worn with a sweater or jacket. Ranks and names are embroidered on the shoulder. However, metal ranks and decorations are avoided during the war and are worn only during peace times.

Indian Army Uniform – 6A/6B

The 6A and 6B uniforms are acronyms for 6Alpha and 6 Bravo, respectively. Code 6 is another name for this uniform. According to the regimental colours, the 6A wears a white shirt and a black pants and a ‘cummerbund.’ The 6B uniform is a summer version of the 6 Alpha, which is worn with a white coat in the winter. The formal uniform of the Code 6 is similar to the blue patrol uniform.

Indian Army Uniform – Conclusion

These courageous hearts wear a variety of Indian army uniforms during their service. The Indian army also has various uniforms for special occasions. We hope that this essay has provided you with a basic grasp of the many uniforms worn by the Indian army.

Indian Army Uniform – FAQS

Q1. Are Indian army uniforms available for free?

Ans. During the training, military members are given a full set of clothes free of cost.

Q2. What is 5 SD?

Ans. The Indian army’s general duty uniform is termed as 5SD.

Q3. In the Indian army, which group of soldiers wears dungarees?

Ans. The Army Aviation Corps wear the dungarees. They only put on the outfit when flying.

Q4. Is every officer allowed to wear the black Indian army uniform?

Ans. Only the most worthy, diligent, and brave officers in the Indian army are allowed to wear the black uniform.


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