International Chess Day 2024, Its History & Importance

International Chess Day 2024

Every year on July 20, people all over the world celebrate International Chess Day. This tradition started more than 50 years ago because of an idea from the United Nations group called UNESCO. It’s a day when chess fans unite to enjoy their favorite game.

History of International Chess Day

Where Chess Came From:

People aren’t sure exactly where chess began, but some say it might have started in places like India, China, Russia, and Central Asia. One idea is that a game in India called ‘chaturanga’ inspired chess. As the game traveled, it changed, and versions like ‘shatranj’ made their way to Europe.

Chess Pieces Without Faces:

The chess pieces we know today don’t look like people or animals. This is because of the influence of the Islamic religion, which doesn’t allow making statues of living things. Chess spread through North Africa, Sicily, Spain, and beyond.

Chess Becomes Popular in Europe:

Chess became linked to wealth and power, and it evolved into the game we know in England by the 15th century. The familiar black and white squares on the chessboard were set up by an English person. Over time, chess had many events, competitions, and new versions, making it even more popular.

Why July 20?

The United Nations decided to make July 20 International Chess Day to remember the day they formed the International Chess Federation (FIDE). Now, millions of people around the world celebrate this day and the game they love.

How to Celebrate International Chess Day

Join a Chess Club:

You can celebrate by joining a chess club. Look around your town or online to find one. Playing with new people can be fun, and you might learn some new chess moves.

Play Human Chess:

You can have a different kind of chess game with your friends. Pretend you’re pieces on a giant chessboard and move around. It’s a fun way to spend time with friends.

Chess Movie Night:

Gather your friends and family for a movie night. Pick a chess-themed movie like “Searching for Bobby Fischer” or “The Queen’s Gambit” to enjoy together.

Why We Love International Chess Day

Chess Brings People Together:

Chess has been played for a very long time, and it mixes sports, strategy, thinking, and art. It’s a game that connects people from different places and times.

Chess is for Everyone:

People of all ages, genders, and backgrounds can play chess. It helps bring understanding and tolerance among different countries and cultures.

Chess is Good for Your Brain:

Playing chess is not only fun, but it’s also good for your brain. It can help with memory and even fight against diseases like Alzheimer’s. Many schools include chess in their lessons because it helps students in many positive ways.


International Chess Day is a special time to celebrate not just a game, but the way chess brings people together from all over the world. From its interesting history to its impact on unity and brain health, chess remains a game that captures the hearts and minds of many. As we enjoy this yearly celebration, let’s appreciate the lasting legacy and significant influence of the game of kings.

20th July 2024 Special Day

International Chess Day and the new strategic thinking it brings. The date is a good time to make goals for growing intellectually, refocusing priorities to move forward mind sports, and being hopeful about bringing together chess fans globally. The coming of 2024’s International Chess Day brings back hope for a good year ahead and a future full of potential for this classic game, as we keep up a 50-year tradition started by UNESCO. This special day lets chess fans all over the world enjoy their favorite game.


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