PPB Memory Based Questions for JAIIB 2022

PPB Memory Based Questions for JAIIB: For the preparation of any exam, aspirants need to know what kind of questions were asked before. Candidates also need practice questions and mock test thoroughly in order to be ready for the exam and understand the exam patterns. In this blog you will know the memory based questions asked in previous cycles of IIBF JAIIB 2022.

JAIIB Selection Batch Oct-Nov 2024

What is JAIIB Exam?

The Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) is a registered public company established by the Reserve Bank of India and is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance, the Government of India that imparts education in banking and finance. It is known for its flagship courses, the Junior Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers (JAIIB)/Diploma in Banking and Finance (DBF) and the Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers (CAIIB).

It is the statutory professional body for Bankers in India. With its membership of over 700 banks and financial institutions as institutional members and about 300,000 of their employees as individual members, IIBF is the largest Institute of its kind in the world and was established by the Reserve Bank of India. It works with the RBI in formulating and enforcing banking standards and policies.

PPB Memory Based Questions

PPB Memory Based Questions, asked in June 2022 Cycle

Current Account
Bank Reconciliation
Sinking Fund
Theory- Module B
Accounting Concepts and Convention
Company Accounts- Bonus Share
KYC Guidelines
Journal Entries
Inventory Turnover Ratio
Profit and Loss
Balance Sheet
Cash Flow
Net Profit
Discounting Factor
Golden Rules of Accounting
related parties disclosure
Cheque Collection Policy
Accounting Standard
Asset Category
Debit Voucher
Time Value of Money
Capital Bud
Future Value
housing loan LTV ratio, Data security,
Ratio – Inventory / Leverage Ratio – Current Ratio
Quick Asset
Forex [TOM/Cash/Spot/Forward]
Payback Period
Interest Earning
Cashbook and Passbook
Bonus Share
Cash Flow Statement -AS 3 and AS 10
Bill of Exchange
Back end/front end interest
Capital budgeting
Back end/front end interest
Types of Petty Cash
Retirement Bill
Promissory Notes

Memory Based Questions– Feb 2022

PPB Memory Based Questions: These are the topics which were asked in the previous cycle.

  • Power of Attorney [POA]
  • LTV Ratio for Gold
  • Nomination Cancel Form
  • Factoring and Forfeiting
  • Working Capital – Numerical Questions 
  • Insurance Payable – Numerical Questions 
  • Non Performing Assets 
  • Priority Sector Lending [PSL]
  • CIBIL Score
  • Merger Amalgamation 
  • Infinet and Saraf Committee 
  • Letter of Credit 
  • FCNR Accounting 
  • RUPAY Card Claim
  • Cryptocurrency 
  • NPCI
  • CRR 
  • Mandate 
  • Business Ethics
  • Kite Flying 
  • Insurance Claim Amount 
  • NULM 
  • NPA
  • PMFBY 
  • Principal of Insurance Contract
  • Corporate Loan Subvention
  • Product Life Cycle 
  • Marketing- Gap 1,2,3
  • Full Nest
  • Bank Customer Relationship
  • Cash Reserve Ratio
  • Counter Cyclical Buffer
  • ATM Disputes
  • Direct Benefits of Social Media
  • Advantage of Promotion in Marketing 
  • Clearing System in India 
  • RBI Monetary Policy Members
  • Payment System in India 
  • Reinsurance 
  • Bulk Cash Deposit Scheme 
  • Locker Nominee 
  • Types of Charges
  • eKYC, Pricing, Gap, Terminal Value
  • Nomination 
  • Primary Dealer Questions
  • Whistle Blower Policy
  • Monetary Policy Timing
  • Mobile Banking
  • 5g Network 
  • 4Ps of Marketing 

JAIIB Exam Pattern

The JAIIB examination pattern has been officially released. There will be three papers in the examination. The details of the JAIIB Exam Pattern are mentioned below:

The JAIIB Examination has three papers

  1. Principles and Practices of banking.
  2. Accounting and Finance for Bankers
  3. Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking.

JAIIB Exam Type

  1. It is an objective type examination.
  2. Each paper has 120 questions.
  3. The total marks of each paper are 100.
  4. The time limit of the examination is 120 minutes.
SubjectsNo. of QuestionsTotal MarksDuration
Principles & Practices of Banking1201002 hours
Accounting and Finance for Bankers1201002 hours
Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking1201002 hours

Marking scheme of JAIIB Examination 

The marking scheme of the Junior Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers Examination is mentioned below:

  1. No negative marking for wrong answers.
  2. Candidates need to score 50% marks in each paper to qualify.
  3. Candidates will be declared qualified if they score 45% marks in each paper and 50% in aggregate in a single attempt.
  4. Each paper is of 100 marks.

Passing criteria of JAIIB examination 

The Passing criteria of JAIIB exam is mentioned below:

  1. A candidate must pass the examination within two consecutive attempts.
  2. The time limit will be calculated from the date of application for the examination. Even you miss the examination. It will be counted as an attempt made.
  3. Candidates will have to re-enrol if they do not clear the examination in the permitted number of attempts.


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