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Preparing for government jobs is different from academic exams where it’s possible to cover the entire syllabus overnight. You need to practice constantly for months or years. In this long journey, it’s possible to lose your motivation and give up. The difference between success and failure is not giving up your effort. Keeping your motivation up while studying is what makes competitive exams extremely challenging. We have mentioned the top 5 tips for motivation while studying to make your studying easier.


5 tips for motivation while studying

5 essential tips that will help you maintain motivation while studying is as follows :

1. Divide the task into small portions

The syllabus of competitive exams shows that it is simply huge. Apart from completing the syllabus, you also need to ensure speed and accuracy. You will have to study several subjects some of which may be completely new to you. Dividing the syllabus into small portions will help you prepare a roadmap for each portion and you will not be overwhelmed. It will also help you use a different strategy based on the topics that need to be covered.

“Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs”

Henry Ford

2. Don’t lose sight of your dreams

With the long preparation journey or repetitive failures, it’s possible to forget why you started studying in the first place. Keep visualizing your goal and analyze where you stand. It is natural to have doubts about your success. In those uncertain times remember that every exam aspirant has similar feelings. Accept it as part of your journey. Respect these doubts as much as you respect hard work. These doubts are what keep you on track and make you push yourself harder. As cliche, as they sound, going over some motivational quotes, will give you much-needed motivation.

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.”

J. M. Barrie, Peter Pan

3. Follow a strict yet flexible routine

We all have our ideal time to learn. Some of us are night owls whereas others are early birds. Based on your preference, have a routine that will build your confidence to study. Too much of a routine can also kill the joy of studying. Flexibility enables you to study even for 10 minutes whenever you can find the time. These unexpected time gaps that you can squeeze into your day will add a lot of value to your preparation.

4. Choose the approach that works for you

When you look at various exam toppers’ strategies, you can see that each one followed a strategy unique to them. They played with their strengths to minimize their weaknesses. Analyze yourself and see which topics are easy or difficult for you to cover and which method of preparation works for you. Check strategies of toppers and see if any strategy is relatable to you and then plan your own approach to studies.

5. Maintain balance – Your mental and physical health is also important

Competitive exams are unpredictable in terms of time and result. While your goals are extremely important, don’t let your life just pass by as well. Take time out to connect with your family and friends. Enrich the relations in your life. Develop your hobbies. Several reports have shown that hobbies help people manage stress, low mood, and depression. If your hobby involves physical work, it will also help you in managing your physical health.

Focus on what you can control. Take care of yourself and study well.

“There is no substitute for hard work. Never give up. Never stop believing. Never stop fighting”

Hope Hicks

These are our 5 tips to maintain motivation while studying. Stay tuned to Oliveboard for new updates.


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What are some self-motivation tips for students?

Visualize your success, go through motivational quotes, remind yourself of your dreams.

How to stay motivated to study at home?

Make a strict but flexible study plan, divide your tasks into smaller portions, focus on your mental and physical health

How to motivate yourself to study?

Remind yourself of your goals, read motivational quotes and stories, and connect with your loved ones