NABARD Grade A 2020 – Section-Wise Last Minute Preparation Tips

Phase 1 (Prelims) of NABARD Grade A 2020 Exam is scheduled on 25th of February 2020 and leaving aspirants with just about a week to prepare and revise. Exam toppers, be it any exam, have always emphasised the importance of revision as it helps recollect all the crucial concepts, formulae, facts and data that one covers during the preparation phase. Let us also follow the toppers strategy and revise all the important topics for the exam so that we could recollect what all we studied while answering the paper. We will very quickly cover the NABARD Grade A Last Minute Tips for Revision in this article.

We will cover the following points in this article:

  1. Section-wise Last-Minute tips for Revision 
  2. Time Allocation Strategy to each section 
  3. Order of attempt

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NABARD Grade A Last Minute Tips for Revision

1. Agriculture & Rural Development

(i) Read and revise the agriculture current affairs of at least the 6 months before the exam. Quite a few questions might be asked from the latest agriculture news (National as well as state).

(ii) Government Schemes are the heart and soul of the exams like NABARD, RBI etc. Do cover all the Agriculture related and Rural Development Government Schemes (Central & State Govt. Schemes). Cover the launch date of the scheme, place of launch, objectives of the scheme, the date and year till which these objectives would be achieved etc. 

(iii) Cover the agriculture-related chapters from the Budget 2020 and Economic Survey 2019-20. Some questions related to scheme allocation or new launch might be asked. Be thorough with the Agriculture and Rural Development Scheme Allocation given in the Budget 2020-21.

(iv) Read and revise the basic of the important topics of the ARD syllabus such as 

  • Basics of Agriculture
  • Soil Science
  • Irrigation Management
  • Agriculture Engineering
  • Horticulture
  • Animal Husbandry & Poultry
  • Fisheries
  • Meteorology
  • Forestry
  • Basics of Agricultural Economics 
  • Agriculture Extension 


(v) If time permits, cover the highlights of the latest agriculture census, livestock census, NABARD bankable project reports etc. Take a Free NABARD Grade A Phase 1 Mock Test. 

2. Economics & Social Issues

(i) Again the latest current affairs related to the Economy and Social Issues are of prime importance. Revise them thoroughly. 

(ii) All the latest Government Schemes launched in the past year as well other important Government Schemes related needs to revised. 

(iii) Budget 2020 Summary & Highlights and Economic Survey Summary & Highlights needs to be revised. 

(iv) Cover the Census 2011 and Socio-Economic Caste Census highlights.

(v) Cover the latest Reports and Indexes released. There might be questions on these in the Exam. 

(vi) If time permits, revise the concepts of Economics for topics 

  • Measurement of Growth & National Income 
  • Human Development
  • Role of Economic Planning 
  • Fiscal Policy 
  • Monetary Policy 
  • Balance of Payments
  • Sustainable Development & Environment Issues
  • Industrial and Labour Policy 
  • International Financial Institutions
  • World Trade Organizations
  • Urbanization
  • Migration

Take a Free NABARD Grade A Phase 1 Mock Test. 

3. Reasoning Ability 

(i) For now, solve a few Puzzles and Seating Arrangement Questions daily so that you become habitual of solving them and the same would increase your comprehending and solving speed as well.

(ii) Apart from this, you can solve the questions of Mock Tests to know how many questions you can solve and in how much time. It would also give you a fine idea of where you lack. 

4. Quantitative Aptitude

(i) Again revise the basic formulae, revise the short tricks, quicker quants techniques and try and apply them while taking up mock tests.

(ii) Understand from the analysis part of the mock tests, which topics need your attention and work on them. 

5. English Language

Mock Tests would be enough for the revision of this section. Revise the questions and solutions of the Oliveboard Mock Tests that you have taken and try and understand the approach to answer the questions correctly. 

6. Computer Knowledge

Our content team has prepared a comprehensive Computer Awareness Ebook for your reference. Refer it here and your revision would be done. 

7. General Awareness

Revise the important current affairs for the last 4-5 months and you would be ready to face this section. You can download our GK App to quickly read and revise the daily and monthly current affairs along with MCQs. 

NABARD Grade A Time Allocation for each Section

Now that the revision strategy is done, let us jump on to the time allocation for each of the sections and order of attempt as you will be given a total of 120 minutes without any sectional timings.

As there isn’t any sectional timing provided in the exam, candidates generally get confused deciding –

  • How much time should I spend on each section?
  • Which section should I be attempting first?

If these questions are on your mind and you haven’t figured out an answer to them yet, this article will help you decide how and what to attempt first. Here’s the sectional time allocation strategy that you can follow to maximize your attempts in each section to clear the overall cutoff.

Quantitative Aptitude 25-30 minutes
Logical Reasoning 25-30 minutes
English Language 25-30 minutes
Computer Knowledge 3-4 minutes
General Awareness 3- 4 minutes
Economic and Social Issues 12-15 minutes
Agriculture and Rural Development 12-15 minutes


NABARD Grade A Order of Attempt

One of the keys to scoring well in the NABARD Grade-A Exam is the time management strategy.

Order of Attempt of the sections during the exam plays a very important role in time management. Here we have shared the order of attempt that you can follow while attempting the exam. It is based on the level of difficulty, the weightage it carries as well as alternating it with easy and difficult sections so that it does not put pressure on candidates by solving difficult sections one after the other.

nabard order of attemptNOTE: What works for some may not work for others. We recommend using the above section-wise time allocation & order of attempt for NABARD Grade-A Exam as a guideline and not a target.

Based on your strengths & weaknesses, you can change this to suit your strategy. However, if you have a better strategy that works for you, we suggest you stick to it.

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We hope that the above-given NABARD Grade A Last-Minute Preparation Tips, Time Allocation and Order of attempt helps you in more than one ways and thereby increases your prelims marks.

Here is the Free Mock Test link, if you wish to take a NABARD Grade A Phase 1 Mock Test. 

All the Best for the Exam! 

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