National Police Commemoration Day 2024, History & Significance

National Police Commemoration Day 2024

In India, Police Commemoration Day is observed on October 21, serving as a national holiday dedicated to paying tribute to the martyrs who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. This solemn day also provides an opportunity to express gratitude to the officers currently serving and the families who stand by them every day.

History of National Police Commemoration Day

The roots of Police Commemoration Day trace back to the tumultuous events of 1958 and 1959, when the relationship between India and China was strained due to political and geographical issues. On October 21, 1959, China allegedly initiated its first attack on India in the Aksai Chin region, resulting in the tragic loss of 10 lives and the capture of seven members from the Intelligence Bureau and Central Reserve Police Force (C.R.P.F).

The attack occurred during a search mission led by D.C.I.O Shri Karam Singh, where the Chinese army ambushed the party, leading to casualties, captures, and injuries. The bodies of the martyrs were handed over to the nation three weeks later, and in January 1960, the day was officially declared as ‘Commemoration Day’ during the Conference of Inspectors General of Police of States and Union Territories.

Significance of National Police Commemoration Day

Keeping Memories Alive: This day ensures that the memories of the brave officers who sacrificed their lives to protect the nation remain alive in our collective consciousness.

A Reminder to Be Grateful: Police Commemoration Day serves as a poignant reminder to express gratitude not only to serving officers but also to their families who make significant sacrifices.

Keeping Us Grounded: By commemorating this day, we stay connected to our history and acknowledge the ongoing sacrifices made by officers to ensure the safety and protection of the nation. It prompts us never to take their dedication for granted.

How to Observe National Police Commemoration Day 2024

Watch the Parade

  • Pay tribute to the martyrs by watching the Police Commemoration Day parade on television or online.

Visit the National Police Memorial

  • If possible, plan a visit to the National Police Memorial in New Delhi to honor the gallant men who served the nation.

Support Martyrs’ Families

  • Contribute to organizations supporting the families of martyrs, providing assistance, especially to those who lost their breadwinners.

Fascinating Insights into the Police Force

The Bigger the Mustache, the Better: In Madhya Pradesh, officers with larger mustaches are reputed to receive higher pay, believed to signify better command.

A Skewed Ratio: With only 130 police officers for every 100,000 people, the police force faces a challenging ratio.

The Toll of the Job: Mumbai records the highest number of police suicides in India, as per a National Crime Records Bureau report.

Friends through Football: In Delhi, a non-governmental organization organizes children’s football games with the police to foster a positive relationship.

Camo in Khaki: The khaki uniform, synonymous with Indian police, originated from British officers dying their white uniforms to conceal dust marks in the dusty Indian environment.

21st October 2024 Special Day

As October 21st gets closer, police officers in India look forward to Police Commemoration Day. This special day is a chance to honor the brave officers who died while on duty. The date, October 21st, is perfect for showing thanks to the officers who gave their lives. The early arrival of 2024’s Police Commemoration Day brings back feelings of gratitude and hope for the future.


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