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Important Days in October 2024

Important Days in October 2024: In October, important national and international days are commemorated to honor a cause or promote humanity. These dates are crucial for state exams such as SSC CGL, CHSL, and others. If you look at the question patterns in government exams year after year, you’ll see that a few questions are about important dates. We will look into these below.

List of Important Days in October 2024

DateImportant Days in October 2024
1st OctoberInternational Day of Older Persons 2024
1st OctoberInternational Coffee Day 2024
1st OctoberWorld Vegetarian Day 2024
1st OctoberInternational Music Day 2024
2nd OctoberGandhi Jayanti 2024
2nd OctoberInternational Day of Non-Violence 2024
2nd OctoberWorld Habitat Day 2024
4th OctoberWorld Animal Welfare Day 2024
4th OctoberWorld Space Week 2024
5th OctoberWorld Teachers’ Day 2024
6th OctoberWorld Cerebral Palsy Day 2024
6th OctoberWorld Smile Day 2024
7th OctoberWorld Cotton Day 2024
8th OctoberIndian Air Force Day 2024
9th OctoberWorld Post Day 2024
9th OctoberIndian Foreign Service Day 2024
10th OctoberWorld Mental Health Day 2024
10th OctoberNational Post Day 2024
11th OctoberInternational Girl Child Day 2024
12th OctoberDussehra 2024
12th OctoberWorld Arthritis Day 2024
12th OctoberWorld Sight Day 2024
13th OctoberUN International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction 2024
13th OctoberWorld Egg Day 2024
14th OctoberWorld Standard Day 2024
15th OctoberWorld Students Day 2024
15th OctoberInternational Day of Rural Women 2024
15th OctoberWorld White Cane Day 2024
15th OctoberGlobal Handwashing Day 2024
16th OctoberWorld Food Day 2024
16th OctoberWorld Anaesthesia Day 2024
17th OctoberMaharishi Valmiki Jayanti 2024
17th OctoberInternational Poverty Eradication Day 2024
20th OctoberNational Solidarity Day 2024
20th OctoberWorld Osteoporosis Day 2024
21st OctoberNational Police Commemoration Day 2024
22nd OctoberInternational Stuttering Awareness Day 2024
24th OctoberUnited Nations Day 2024
24th OctoberITBP Raising Day 2024
24th OctoberWorld Polio Day 2024
26th OctoberJ&K Accession Day 2024
27th OctoberWorld Day for Audiovisual Heritage 2024
29th OctoberWorld Stroke Day 2024
30th OctoberWorld Savings Day 2024
31st OctoberWorld Cities Day 2024
31st OctoberEkta Diwas 2024
31st OctoberHalloween Day 2024

Special Days in October 2024

1st October: International Day for the Elderly

This day is observed to raise awareness of the value of elderly persons in our society and to honor their efforts and contributions.

2nd October: Gandhi Jayanthi, International Day of Non-Violence

This day has been declared a national holiday in Mahatma Gandhi’s honor. He is regarded for his unforgettably significant contribution to India’s independence. Since 2007, this day has also been observed as International Day of Non-Violence.

4th October: World Animal Welfare Day

This day is dedicated to improving animal welfare standards around the globe. The bond between humans and animals is celebrated on World Animal Day.

4th October: World Habitat Day

The goal of World Habitat Day is to raise awareness about the status of our cities and the fundamental right of all people to adequate housing and take steps to reduce poverty.

8th  October: Indian Air Force Day

This day is honored, and a tribute is paid to the courageous warriors and their families who put their lives in danger to protect the country.

9th October: World Postal Day

World Postal Day is observed to promote awareness about the importance of the postal service in people’s daily lives.

10th October: World Mental Health Day

The overall goal of this day is to raise mental health awareness and mobilize actions to promote improved mental health.

11th October:  International Girl Child Day

This day emphasizes the difficulties of gender inequality that girls face in today’s society, such as education, legal rights, and employment opportunities.

13th October:  UN International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction

This day is observed every year to promote awareness about disaster reduction.

15th October: World Students Day

This day commemorates A. P. J. Abdul Kalam’s birth anniversary and his accomplishments and contributions to education and students.

16th October: World Food Day

This day raises global awareness that food is a fundamental human right, and it encourages sustainable agriculture and the elimination of hunger.

20th October: National Solidarity Day

All Indians are reminded of the importance of unity and integrity in safeguarding our country on National Solidarity Day.

24th October: United Nations Day

The United Nations Day commemorates the UN Charter’s entry into force and the Organization’s creation in 1945.

31st October: Rastriya Ekta Diwas

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s birthday is celebrated on this day. He was responsible for bringing India together.

October 2024 Calendar

We hope that the above list of Important Days in October 2024 will assist you in staying informed about current events and achieving a good grade on your exam.

Important Days in October 2024 – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is October 2 one of the important days in October?

Ans. It was the day our Father of the Nation, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, was born. He is regarded for his unforgettably significant contribution to India’s independence.

Q2. What is the significance of National Solidarity Day?

Ans. On October 20, 1962,  India was attacked by China in Ladakh & Arunachal Pradesh, along the Himalayan boundaries. This was a period when we demonstrated heart-warming unity & team spirit, and the event is remembered as a symbol of Indian oneness.

Q3. When did the Indian Air Force Day begin?

Ans. On October 8, 1932, the Indian Air Force was founded.

Q4. When was the first declaration of the International Day of Non-Violence made?

Ans. It was on October 2, 2007.


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