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CAT exams are one of the most sought after exams for entry into top management institute around the country. The syllabus for CAT is designed keeping in mind the diverse backgrounds the students come from. The prominent sections of CAT exam include sections like Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretations, Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension. In this article, we will cover the tips on How to prepare for the LRDI section for the CAT 2021 exam. Additionally, get a free DILR Ebook.

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These tricks would help you set up a basic understanding of the topic and you can divide your preparations accordingly.

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1. CAT 2021 Exam Syllabus

Before moving ahead with the exam preparation it is very important to familiarize yourself with the exam pattern. Let’s have a look at the pattern:

Subject NameNo. of QuestionsAllotted Time
Quantitative Aptitude34 (3 marks each)60 mins
LRDI32 (3 marks each)60 mins
VARC34 (3 marks each)60 mins
Subject NameNo. of QuestionsAllotted Time
Quantitative Aptitude26 (3 marks each)40 mins
LRDI24 (3 marks each)40 mins
VARC26 (3 marks each)40 mins

There is a negative marking of 1/3rd for every question wrongly attempted.

2. Prepare For LRDI Section – Topics Covered

While we are preparing the LRDI section for CAT 2021, the understanding of the topic will give us a fair understanding of how to approach about the preparations of this section. The syllabus overall combines the topics from 2 different headings i:e Logical reasoning and Data Interpretations

2.1 Logical Reasoning:

Coding-DecodingData Sufficiencies
Number SeriesInequality
Letter & Symbol Based SeriesOdd One Out
Direction SenseAnalogies
Blood RelationsApproximation of Values

Now let’s have a look at the syllabus for Data Interpretations.

 2.2 Data Interpretations

Bar, Pie & Linear GraphsCritical Reasoning
Sequential Input & OutputSquares & Cubes Based Problems
Arrangements & PuzzlesGames & Tournaments
Order & RankingMatrix & Grid Arrangements

Now, that you have gotten a better understanding of the topics and the overall importance of this section from the exam point of view. Let’s dive in to understand how to Prepare LRDI for CAT 2021.

3. How To Prepare LRDI for CAT 2021?

Over the years it has been observed that in an LRDI section attempting a decent number of questions is not necessary to score high in the exam. It is just about picking the right sets and attempt limited questions with more accuracy.

Needless to say, it next to impossible to attempt all the 32 questions of this section. In the last few years, an attempt in the range of 10-14 has fetched students 90 percentile or more.

This looks confusing, right? Well, to put your doubts at ease, the papermakers do not pick on the questions that are easily solvable, that focus more on the candidate’s action under pressure.

Choosing the right set of questions to attempt solves more than 60% of the total problems. Attempt the sets you are most confident in. This will increase your chances of scoring 90 percentile or more.

Again keep in mind that every student has a different strong point and for each one of you the easy sets could vary depending on your strong section.

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You can follow the below-mentioned tricks to familiarise yourself with the section and ultimately devise a plant ace it.

3.1 Tips to Prepare LRDI For CAT 2021

To start your preparations you will be needing a better understanding of the concepts of the topic under your syllabus.

  1. Take A Mock Test on Day 1 to better understand which topic needs your most attention and what topics posed fewer troubles for you.
  2. Then, start with building your concepts on topics like number series, arrangements, Coding-decoding. Remember concepts stay with you even in the toughest of times.
  3. Given the difficulty level of the questions asked in the exam, basic understanding won’t help in the long run as simple-looking questions could puzzle you and will take ample of your time.
  4. Devise a plan for yourself. Remember no one knows you better than yourself. Plan a study time table for yourself and allot sufficient time on each section and topics.
  5. Start by solving the questions on the basic concepts of Number series, Direction Sense, Blood relations to give your preparations a base to stand on.
  6. Slowly move ahead with the arrangement based questions and puzzles. Arrangements further are subdivided into various parts like linear, seating, etc. so give enough time in building up a concept for this topic. Practice questions here to get an idea of the topic.
  7. The practice will be the key to retain the learned concepts. It is often advised to solve 1-2 Practice sets daily of the LRDI section.
  8. You do not need to worry about this section. Once you are through with the basics of the topics you can pick up the high-level books to check your understanding.
  9. Move on to the Advanced concepts only when you are through with the basic concepts. Explore all possible types of questions on the topic to familiarize yourself.
  10. We also provide you with the Complete Mock Test Series to check your level of preparation. These Mock test are curated by experts as per the latest exam patterns. Attempt A Free Mock Test Now
  11. Your output will be completely based on what you put in your preparations. So do not let any obstacle underpin you and be confident about acing the section.

To help you further on the exam preparations we have a set of test series to help you prepare in a more planned manner.

4. Preparation For CAT 2021 – Complete Mock Test Series

While preparing for CAT 2021, having the right material and a clever approach is what is gonna take you past the exam and get you into your dream college.

Here is what we have for you:

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That brings us to the end of this article, how to prepare LRDI For CAT 2021. We hope that the tips shared here help you prepare well for the exams and you find them useful in the long run.

I hope this CAT 2021 Preparation Strategy helps you all.

All the best for your preparation journey!

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