President Bestows President’s Colour upon Armed Forces Medical College

Armed Forces Medical College

In a historic moment, Smt Droupadi Murmu, the President of India and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, is set to confer the esteemed President’s Colour upon Pune’s Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC). This significant event, scheduled for December 1, 2023, marks the platinum jubilee year of the distinguished institution.

AFMC: Exemplary in Medical Education:

As a premier establishment of the Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS), AFMC stands out as one of the country’s leading medical colleges. The impending award is a recognition of AFMC’s remarkable 75-year commitment to serving the nation with excellence in medical education and healthcare.

A Festive Celebration:

The grand ceremony goes beyond the President’s Colour conferral, featuring the release of a special cover and stamp, along with a commemorative coin by the President. Adding to the excitement is the e-inauguration of ‘Prajna,’ the Armed Forces Centre for Computational Medicine, aligning AFMC with global institutes engaged in cutting-edge healthcare research leveraging Artificial Intelligence.

Venue and Parade Highlights:

The Capt. Devashish Sharma Kirti Chakra Parade Ground at AFMC is set to host this spectacular event. Noteworthy is the involvement of lady medical officers leading contingents from the Armed Forces Medical Services in the Army, Navy, and Air Force, symbolizing the empowerment of women in the AFMS.

Global Recognition for AFMC:

Acknowledged globally as the fountainhead of medical education in the Armed Forces Medical Services, AFMC has earned its reputation for upholding the highest standards of medical training. The institution’s exceptional training and administrative infrastructure not only deliver top-tier medical education but also foster holistic development through various sports and extracurricular activity clubs.

Contributions to Healthcare:

Referred to as medical cadets, graduates from AFMC embark on careers in the Army, Navy, and Air Force, serving diligently as officers and doctors. Their exemplary contributions extend beyond borders, addressing healthcare needs both at home and abroad for Armed Forces personnel and their families. AFMC alumni have made significant strides in healthcare delivery and research, serving in prestigious national and international healthcare institutions.

President’s Colour: Pinnacle of Prestige:

The President’s Colour, or ‘Rashtrapati ka Nishaan,’ represents the highest honor for any military unit. This distinguished ceremony, recognizing AFMC’s outstanding contributions, will be attended by senior dignitaries and officials from the Central and state governments and the Armed Forces. Notably, veteran officers, including Ex-Directors, Commandants, Ex-Deans, and Deputy Commandants, will grace the occasion, elevating its significance.

Conclusion: Armed Forces Medical College

As AFMC prepares to receive the President’s Colour, it not only commemorates an illustrious 75-year journey but also reaffirms its dedication to excellence in medical education and healthcare. The ceremony stands as a testament to AFMC’s unwavering commitment to serving the nation and its armed forces with distinction.


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