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Quant Practice Questions for Bank exams : Quantitative Aptitude is one of the most Important section for any banking exam. Almost every bank exam has quant section in their written tests. So it becomes necessary to practice quant questions well. Here in this blog, we bring to you, 300+ quant practice questions for bank exams. You can use this free E-book for practicing the quant questions for your upcoming banking exam.

Quant Practice Questions for Bank exams FREE PDF

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What’s there in this Ebook?

Question 1. ‘x’ men working 16 hours a day can complete a work in 15 days while (3x – 4) men working 10 hours a day can complete the same work in 9 days. In how many days can (x + 4) men working 15 hours a day complete the same work?

A- 20 days
B- 6 days
C- 18 days
D- 12 days
E- 14 days

Question 2. 240 litres of mixture of milk and water, contains 45% milk. When ‘x’ litres of water is added in the mixture, the quantity of water becomes 25% more than that of milk. Find the value of ‘x’.

A- 3
B- 8
C- 5
D- 15
E- 10

Question 3. There are two natural numbers ‘a’ and ‘b’ such that ab = 375. If (a – b) is 75% less than (a + b), then find the ratio of a’ to ‘b’.

A- 2:1
B- 7:5
C- 4:1
D- 5:3
E- None

Question 4. ‘A’ and ‘B’ started a business together such that the ‘A’ contributed 75% of total sum. After 4 months. ‘C’ joined the business and the sum invested by ‘A’ becomes equal to 50% of total sum invested by all three together. If the share of ‘C’ out of total profit received at the end of the year is Rs. 6000, then find the profit share of ‘A’ and ‘B’, together

A- Rs. 24000
B- Rs. 15000
C- Rs. 18000
D- Rs. 36000
E- Rs. 10000

Question 5. The cost of cultivating a square field at the rate of Rs. 8.5/m² is Rs. 3400. If each side of the field is increased by 25%, then the cost of cultivation of per m² of the field should be decreased by how much amount so that total cost of cultivation remains the same?

A- Rs.3.06
B- Rs. 1.75
C- Rs. 2.39
D- Rs. 2.96
E- None

Question 6. Rs. 2400 is invested in each of three different schemes for 2 years, at simple interest. The rate of interest offered is 15% p.a., 12% p.a. and 13% p.a., respectively. Find the total amount received.

A- Rs. 4320
B- Rs. 8400
C- Rs. 9120
D- Rs. 7200
E- None

Question 7. The ratio of the present ages of ‘A’ and ‘B’ is 9:4, respectively. 18 years hence from now, the age of ‘A’ will be 50% more than that of “B”. Find the ratio of their ages 3 years ago from now.

A- 3:1
B- 5:4
C- 9:2
D- 2:1
E- 8:3

Question 8. 18, 10, 12, 21, ?, 120

A- 40
B- 54
C- 46
D- 62
E- 58

Question 9.15, 20, 30, 47, 73, ?

A- 110 
B- 120
C- 105
D – 98
E- None of these

Question 10. 612, 487, ?, 396, 388, 387

A – 439
8- 412
C- 423
D-. 402
E 441

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