Quant speed test- How to improve speed and accuracy in the Quant section?

Quant speed test: Quant is a very important part of every competitive exam. All the insurance and banking exams ask questions related to quant. This section has a good weightage in the competitive examination. In order to increase your overall score in the exam, scoring well in the quant section is a must. In order to score good marks in quant, you need to work upon accuracy and speed, because these two things are of utmost importance in the competitive examination. Mock tests are of the utmost importance in order to increase the speed in the quant section. So to help you in increasing your question-solving speed, here we are with a quant speed test blog, we will tell you about different kinds of questions and mock tests you can take to improve your speed in competitive exams such as IBPS, SBI, CGL, CHSL, etc. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

How to improve accuracy and speed for quant:

It has been reported that most students who fail in competitive exams confess they could score more if they had a few extra minutes. There is no doubt that the Quant section carries a high weightage, and in the recent IBPS pattern, sectional time limits have been introduced in a few exams, thereby increasing its significance. In tests, one’s performance is determined by a number of factors, including speed and accuracy, since time is limited. Thus, getting a hold of the complete syllabus helps an individual to a certain extent.

There is no shortcut for increasing speed- you have to practice, practice and practice to increase your speed and accuracy.

How to Increase Speed in Quant tests:

Work on your basics:

Whenever you start preparing, the first step should be to clear your basic concepts. Some students generally start with short tricks without clearing the basic concepts. This leads to less accurate answers as they get puzzled while solving the questions.

Get yourself prepared as per sectional timing

In order to prepare for the exam, candidates should practice questions daily according to the time they will be given. This practice technique will help them to polish their skill to answer quickly and accurately.

Follow proper short tricks

The Candidate needs to learn simple tricks in order to solve the questions in the quantitative aptitude section. By using the internet, you can learn various shortcuts and tricks that may be useful for solving questions on reasoning and Questions-Answers. The internet is one of the best sources for this. 

Know which questions to be skipped

It is important to remember that, in the actual exam, each question has a fixed weightage. Therefore, you shouldn’t spend more time on a question than is necessary. If a question seems difficult or confusing, skip it. This is the most important piece of advice! If you can finish all the questions, you can come back to it later.

Mocks are the Golden keys to Speed and Accuracy

You can increase your speed like never before by practicing the Mock Tests regularly. Good scores in the Mock Tests are a guarantee of success in the real Bank Exam. By attempting mock tests, you will not only increase your speed but also your accuracy.

Analyze Mock Test Properly

Many students make the mistake of not analyzing mock tests properly. If you do not analyze the mock test properly, you can’t figure out which section or a particular type of question you need to put more focus on. So make sure to analyze the mock test properly to know your weak points.

Set daily targets

While preparing for bank exams, you can challenge yourself by setting daily targets, it will help you to learn time management which is very essential in competitive exams like Banking. After noticing progress in your performance you can increase your practice time. Similarly, you can increase the difficulty level of questions. Doing this will help you to polish your skill of solving questions with accuracy and speed. 

Quant Speed tests-For all Exams

Here at Oliveboard, we provide a number of speed improvement tests, specific to each section. Quant speed tests constitute a major portion of these tests. Here you can look at the kind of tests we provide. 

  1. Quant speed test- simplification
  2. Quant speed test- Number series
  3. Quant speed test- Data Sufficiency
  4. Quant speed test- Quadratic Equations
  5. Quant speed test- Data Sufficiency
  6. Quant speed test- Data Interpretation 1
  7. Quant speed test- Data Interpretation 2
  8. Quant speed test- Ratio and Proportion
  9. Quant speed test- Percentages
  10. Quant speed test- Profit and Loss

Note: In these tests, students can practice for all quantitative aptitude topics as per the latest exam pattern. All tests are prepared in a way to help students in improving their speed and accuracy. These tests are designed on the latest pattern of the exam and are available in both Hindi and English languages.


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